Christmas babies thread 5 ❤️

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Katbaby Sun 27-Dec-20 12:57:01

Just setting up what may well be our final thread ❤️ good luck today @maverickdanger

Good luck to those of us still pregnant ❤️

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djmbaker Sun 27-Dec-20 13:03:50

Hello @Katbaby
Apologies I've been off the group for absolutely ages!! What with work.. lockdowns.. getting married and pregnancy I got a little bit lost in the group and couldn't catch back up.

I'm 40 +2 here - minimal, barely there signs.. feeling totally fed up!! Just want her here now.
I'm booked for a sweep on Friday and they've said if nothing comes from that they will induce me a few days later 😔 really wanted her to come on her own so I'm just trying to keep active as best I can!!

How are you??? Are there many left still waiting?
Mad to think we have all made it here after the clear blue digi days!!


Katbaby Sun 27-Dec-20 13:07:10

@djmbaker hey! So nice to see you back I'd been wondering how you were getting on!

Hope you had a wonderful wedding ❤️

Trying to keep active too which I'm starting to find tricky when babies head shifts onto that sciatic nerve and I find one of my legs stops working 🙄

Hope you had a lovely Christmas too. We will soon have our babies in our arms❤️

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djmbaker Sun 27-Dec-20 13:10:49

@Katbaby I've got pelvic girdle pain so I struggle massively with the most pathetic tasks but I just keep pushing through and taking little breaks inbetween.. I feel like an old woman 😂😂 my midwife said she's really low down so I don't know why she won't just come out!

Are you getting daily messages from people saying "any movement" .. I know people mean well and are excited but I'm tempted to turn my phone off now .. everyone is driving me mad!! 🙈🙈

Katbaby Sun 27-Dec-20 13:22:47

@djmbaker have you had a sweep yet? I had one a week ago Friday and had my bloody show and everything I really thought baby was gonna come after that so been impatient ever since.
I've had the odd message about it but I've already warned my close friends and family not to dare ask 😅

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djmbaker Sun 27-Dec-20 13:31:52

No, I was offered one on Christmas Eve but declined as I didn't want to go into labour or be in pain on Christmas Day or Boxing Day 😂 so I'm having one Friday instead.

I've had crazy braxton hicks and period pains etc but nothing consistently - at 38 weeks I felt dreadful and genuinely thought she would be arriving and then nothing.. just getting impatient now but hey! Nothing I can do right now. It's my birthday on Wednesday and Jordan keeps saying he thinks she will come then 😂 xx

loobeelou Sun 27-Dec-20 14:09:17

Thanks for starting the new thread @Katbaby

Still waiting here, 40+1. At Dr tomorrow am, will see what they say!

I've had trouble with sciatica for the last two weeks, baby seems to have moved today so it's been less troublesome. Not ideal when trying to run after a 2 year old 😂


MaverickDanger Sun 27-Dec-20 14:24:40

Thanks for the new thread @Katbaby. Not much going on, we’ve got a little set up watching Sky Sports grin

They think I have mild pre-eclampsia so are going to monitor my blood pressure every four hours and monitor the baby every 6.

I have a feeling I’m here for the long haul. It’s very quiet, me and one other on the ward. Another lady was moved to delivery for a c section - she came in at 8am on Christmas EVE for an induction!!

Nic2908 Sun 27-Dec-20 17:03:10

Just checking in and marking my place ladies. That's it your nearly there girls. And I have to say I was petrified about a section and wouldn't learn about them and then I had an emergency one and it was amazing, so if you end up with those words mentioned just breath and know it will be ok. And then after be kind to yourself. Be kind to your body. My mantra for the last 7 days has been if you can't look after yourself then you can't look after a baby. Its totally true.

makingababy Sun 27-Dec-20 17:35:03

Place marking too... been for a long walk today and she feels sooo low. A few cramps too but still doesn’t feel like anything is imminent.

Off to bounce on the ball for a bit... hope everyone is feeling ok! X

djmbaker Sun 27-Dec-20 17:44:23

@makingababy I've been bouncing on my ball a lot today 😂
We've tried sex too 🙈 after my midwife said "the same way you got her in there is the way to get her out" haha..
Even though I KNOW everyone says they come when they are ready.. I'm still up for trying most things - even if I do feel like a whale !!

calipoppy Sun 27-Dec-20 19:51:36

Thanks for starting the new thread @Katbaby not long now for you! And nice to hear from you @djmbaker !

Is anyone else who's had their baby really struggling to settle them at night? In the day she will sleep so well in the Moses basket or crib but at night she just refuses to sleep unless one of us hold her, it's exhausting! Any tips welcome!!

Charl88 Mon 28-Dec-20 12:16:51

@calipoppy im having the same problem!! Baby is 12 days old now and sleeps for 2-3 hours in the day in his basket but only an hour at the most at night and thate with alot of settling.
I've tried leaving lamp on, lamp off, swaddling, more blankets etc. But nothing is working. Im exhausted

ChristmasEve2020 Mon 28-Dec-20 20:54:35

Hope everyone is getting on ok 💕

Helski123 Mon 28-Dec-20 22:43:15

@calipoppy we are finding it very hit and miss, some nights ok other nights awful. Tips I've been given are to put a hot water bottle in the moses basket so it's warm when you put them in. Put a t shirt from you or your partner in there so it smells of you to help them settle. Make sure they are properly asleep before attempting the transfer (minimum 10mins asleep), then move them gently and put them down feet first, gently rolling the rest of their body down with the head last. Then pray that they don't wake up! Little man asleep on me now and about to attempt the transfer...

calipoppy Tue 29-Dec-20 05:31:59

@Charl88 @Helski123 sorry to hear you are having the same challenge! I've tried the hot water bottle but that hasn't worked too well, I think I might be trying to put her down too quickly after she falls asleep so I'll give that a go!
Most of my friends with babies have said this is a phase they will grow out of so maybe we just need to keep trying and find ourselves a new Netflix show to watch in the mean time!
I managed to get quite a bit of sleep yesterday morning and it's been so good for my mental health. We have it so tough recovering from birth as well as trying to look after a tiny baby especially if we're the only ones able to feed them! But we can do this 🙏
And the mummies still waiting, you're probably sick to death of people saying take the chance to rest and sleep but really do! ❤️

Katbaby Tue 29-Dec-20 08:00:44

Officially overdue! 40+1 today, midwife appointment today gonna ask for the most thorough sweep she can possibly do 🤣🤣

Wonder if I can get this baby out before 2020 is out or not😩!

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loobeelou Tue 29-Dec-20 09:56:56

Good luck at your appointment @Katbaby

40+3 today, had a check up yesterday, Dr said things are progressing and it could be any day but I'm booked in for an induction on Fri if not. Not worried, had to be put on the drip with DS so I have a good idea what to expect.

@MaverickDanger hope you are doing ok and things have progressed.

Good luck everyone else still waiting, nearly there! x

Katbaby Tue 29-Dec-20 11:02:10

Thanks @loobeelou hopefully you progress naturally but you have Friday as a date to look forward to if not!

I imagine they will book me for induction when I am there if I don't go naturally as the consultant has advised I don't go over 41 weeks- which would be Monday coming 😬😬! Nervous

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MaverickDanger Tue 29-Dec-20 15:21:16

Hi all, my little boy was born this morning at 1 min to 1!

First 24 hours of induction didn’t do anything really, but waters went within 30 mins of second pessary going in. My kidney function wasn’t great so ended up being monitored every 4 hours & pretty sure he was back to back - had all the contractions in my back and they weren’t being picked up on the monitor.

Was begging for an epidural and literally was only offered paracetamol. Finally had some oramorph and slept for a few hours - woke up to me feeling like I had to push only to be told I was at least 6 hours away & fourth in the queue hmm asked them to check me and I was fully dilated!

This is where I lost it a little, and basically refused to give birth after being fobbed off for so long grin but had two great midwives and a doctor came in as part of my cheerleading team & we made it!

Recovering well, postnatal ward is so noisy & very busy. Apparently yesterday was the busiest day of December so far for births in this hospital, so no wonder there’s a lot going on!

Charl88 Tue 29-Dec-20 15:46:01

Congratulations @MaverickDanger sounds like you went through it. But you did it and you can now cuddle your little boy. Hopefully you'll be able to get home soon.
Good luck to the other ladies waiting for their babies... wont be long until they are all here x

Katbaby Tue 29-Dec-20 16:33:53

Congrats @maverickdanger a long haul but you made it!

I had my sweep today and am booked for induction next monday-really hope I won't need it but time will tell. Cervix basically the same as it was at my last sweep on the 18th so not holding out a lot of hope that it will do anything on its own 😔

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loobeelou Tue 29-Dec-20 17:08:41

Congratulations @MaverickDanger hope you are both doing ok and enjoying lots of cuddles.

Fingers crossed the sweep gets things moving for you @Katbaby.

wigglerose Tue 29-Dec-20 17:20:33

I'm 39+6 FTM and it's all gone quiet. I had horrendous ligament pain and continuous period pain/cramping on Sunday and Monday. On Sunday I actually went to the PAU because the pain was so bad and constant. The midwife examined me and I was 1cm dilated, so at least I know SOMETHING is happening down there.
On Monday I had more cramps with irregular and long waves of pain that I tried to monitor which would end up being 3-4 minutes. It was too hard to distinguish the peaks of pain from the general pain and discomfort I was feeling.
Anyway, today it has all ceased, which in a way is a relief because I can at least do something apart from curl up and throw a pity party for myself. But then again I just want it to be over...
My calculation is that baby is due around 6 January, but the agreed due date from the dating scan is 31 December, which is frustrating because based on baby's position in my pelvis, the cramping I had Sunday and Monday, and everything else, the extra week feels right.
Anyway, I have a midwife appointment on 2 January so I can discuss things then.
I've been trying to bounce on my birth ball to encourage the baby to go down, but it just makes my hips ache so I can't do it for very long.

calipoppy Tue 29-Dec-20 20:54:37

Big congratulations @MaverickDanger ! Doesn't sound easy but now you can just enjoy this amazing time with your baby ❤️ hopefully not long until you can go home and settle into life as a family x

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