Potential ectopic

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NikkiD88 Tue 22-Dec-20 16:01:49

Hi ladies, freaking out. Found out I was pregnant a little over a week ago but have a complicated history including ectopic. They've scanned me today, thinking I'm around 5 weeks, and nothing to be seen. They did see 'something' on my left ovary but unsure what this is. So I've had my bloods done which have come back at 1200. I just need some reassurance I think, have to have repeat bloods in 48 hours and that'll tell us, but I've had no bleeding, slight cramping but nothing major. I just really can't bare the thought of yet another loss.

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shelbyrae Wed 23-Dec-20 22:57:26

Hi, I'm sorry for what you're going through right now. It's still really early right now so it's not unusual for nothing to be seen on the scan. All FX for you flowers 💖

Ameleah Thu 24-Dec-20 05:05:25

Hi. I’m going through something similar too. I’ve had an ectopic pregnancy before and had one tube removed. This time, I’m spotting and having this pulling, stretching, pressure type of pain on my right side that comes and goes but feels as if there’s something there, so it’s obviously making me worried. The doctor didn’t say much about the ultrasound except that they couldn’t find evidence of an ectopic pregnancy and that it is too early to tell what’s all going on in there. I hope everything goes well for you and that your hcg levels are doubling!

NikkiD88 Thu 24-Dec-20 19:52:59

So a little update, my bloods more than doubled today and they found a sac in my womb so no ectopic . Thank god! Still, nothing to be seen in the sac so rescanning me in a week to hopefully see a little lentil in there. Reckoning I'm around 5 weeks now

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Ameleah Thu 24-Dec-20 20:42:07

That’s so good to hear! Definitely a relief!

Tearsfortiers Thu 24-Dec-20 20:46:24

That's great news. Hopefully you can relax a little now and enjoy Christmas. It sounds like you're getting good care.

NikkiD88 Thu 24-Dec-20 21:02:10

Thanks so much for the support and kind words . Definitely a relief and I can now enjoy Christmas without any added stress. I hope you manage to get sorted and hope you don't end up having another ectopic. Everything crossed for you

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ThisMammaCat Thu 24-Dec-20 21:35:21

I had early scans with this pregnancy due to right side pain and spotting. Baby was in the right place, but the sonographer showed me a corpus luteum on the left ovary (looks like the pain was just a grumpy right ovary!) and she also told me that the corpus luteum can look a bit like the start of a pregnancy. I bet that's what they saw on your ovary. Congratulations on your pregnancy!

NikkiD88 Fri 25-Dec-20 20:13:11

Yeah they said that what had happened, I had ovulated from the left side and it had a little pocket of fluid there which is what they were seeing. Thankfully. I can't wait for next week to hopefully see a little baby in there.

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NikkiD88 Thu 31-Dec-20 17:13:37

Hi ladies little update.

I went for the follow up scan today and my gestational sac had quadrupled in size but still no view of baby. We saw a yolk sac but I was dated at 5w 6 days. Was quite disappointed as I really thought I'd see a little heartbeat, but the sonographer wasn't worried at all and said that's exactly what she'd expect from last week and at this stage. And it's a very old machine... so another follow up in 2 weeks, hopefully we'll see much much more at this stage 🤞🏼

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