Feels like LO trying to push himself out

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Ksi91 Tue 22-Dec-20 15:40:46

As the title says , I'm convinced my baby is trying to push his way outta me

I'm 32 weeks pregnant , & today at work I've been so uncomfortable that I was almost in tears
I've had a very dull aching sensation in my lower back ( almost like period pains ) , I've had the most uncomfortable feeling my stomach , when I'd lean over just a fraction I was in pain , almost as if I was squishing him

Then the pressure in my pelvis & vagina started
In a 5 hour shift , I think I pee'd 6 times as the pressure was too much

I've been standing then sitting then back to standing to see if it was the position I was in that was causing the problems but it still happened. Although , it was a lot more irritating sitting down

I don't even know if he's turned neither - this is my first so I don't know what to look out for etc

Anyone have any idea what the hell is going on ?
I'm one step away from crying into a tub of Nutella 😂

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JemimaTiggywinkle Tue 22-Dec-20 15:52:42

I think you should call your midwife

Mylittlepony374 Tue 22-Dec-20 15:54:46

Call the hospital. It could be nothing serious or it could be early labour. You need professional advice.
Hope you get some relief.

beautifulclouds Tue 22-Dec-20 16:03:13

I'd also say call your midwife

littlebirdworrying Tue 22-Dec-20 16:09:17

Definitely ring your midwife

Ksi91 Tue 22-Dec-20 20:54:16

Thank you ladies , I've spoke to my midwife who advised me to have a hot bath & relax a little bit to see if it continued
After a couple of hours , the "falling out feeling" has vanished & im just getting regular kicks

Thanks for the advice xxx

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JemimaTiggywinkle Tue 22-Dec-20 21:51:03

Glad everything’s okay x


BeautyAndTheBump1 Tue 22-Dec-20 21:57:00

I remember walking around next home once and i felt like if i opened my legs i would see his hand sticking out. He was soooooo lowwww and i could feel him moving his hands around so low!!!
Every scan I had every told me baby was low. I had 2 sweeps and they both told me he was so low!! One midwife literally put her finger in me a slight bit and went 'jesus hes low!' and started laughing.
He stayed put until 40+7. Sorry grin

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