Huge bump with baby #3 does this mean a big baby?

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Whatthedoodle Mon 21-Dec-20 21:18:20

I’m pregnant with #3. First was born at 36 weeks weighing 6lb 7oz so quite but for that gestation. Second born at 39 weeks weighing 8lb 6. Both boys. Currently pregnant with number 3, a girl (not sure if that makes a difference I.e girls being slightly smaller) but my bump is absolute huge. I’m 25+5 and look like I’m overdue. My second is only 14 months old so I’m wondering whether my muscles have been able to relax quicker and give the impression of a bigger bump?

Also, lately I’ve had an enormous appetite. I’m worried if I eat too much that will affect baby’s weight.
I’m not too concerned as although DS2 was what I thought was big, he was quite easy to get out in comparison to my smaller 6lb 7 baby. I did tear though which is something I’m quite anxious about.
My partner is 6ft 5 and is very big built so I know either way she’ll be big so I shouldn’t really worry.

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