Horrific tooth pain

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Pinkroseuk Sun 20-Dec-20 14:11:30

I have had horrific tooth pain since yesterday - didn't sleep last night and paracetamol isn't touching it.
Anything else I can try while pregnant?

I had similar in September and am on the waiting list for dentists but even for an emergency appointment they said it will be feb/March.


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Newnamefor2021 Sun 20-Dec-20 14:14:03

Clove oil? Worth a try.

Mustardbay Sun 20-Dec-20 14:18:29

Can you try to get into a private dentist?

Annny27 Sun 20-Dec-20 16:51:06

Ice the area - I had horrific toothpain when I was pregnant and only thing that would take the edge off it was ice on the side that it hurt.

I really feel for you sad

Tempusfudgeit Sun 20-Dec-20 16:55:02

My obstetric consultant prescribed me cocodamol when I was pregnant with awful toothache. She said it was less harmful than the stress hormones caused by uncontrolled pain.

Tronkmanton Sun 20-Dec-20 16:56:42

Try other dentists- lots round here are doing emergency treatment. I had a tooth removed a few weeks ago, no waiting for an appointment and it wasn’t an emergency.

Pinkroseuk Sun 20-Dec-20 17:41:25

Thanks all I will try your suggestions.
Not in a position to go private and unfortunately out of the 20 local dentists I rang that was the earliest they could see me sad

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Mrsmorton Sun 20-Dec-20 17:45:02

When I ran an out of hours clinic, the only way to get an appointment was via 111.

Edelweiss2020 Sun 20-Dec-20 18:00:51

Do you have an emergency nhs dental access centre at your hospital?

I had horrendous tooth pain from an exposed nerve that kept me up all night this week, rang them and they saw me that evening. Only thing that took the edge off a little for me before they fixed it (temporarily, drilled it out and put in a temp filling) was heat - I used the reusable hand warmers.

Hope you get it sorted soon, tooth pain is awful sad

Oct18mummy Sun 20-Dec-20 18:06:33

Clove oil. I had dry socket after wisdom tooth extraction it numbed my whole mouth amazing stuff!

onlyreadingneverposting8 Sun 20-Dec-20 19:42:07

Ring 111 they will find you a dentist who will see you and sort the pain. If you're in lots of pain I'm surprised the local dentists wouldn't see you - even in full lockdown people in pain were being seen at hubs.

onlyreadingneverposting8 Sun 20-Dec-20 19:43:04

I had a tooth out in October due to pain - 3 weeks before I had my baby. So you can be sorted!

Cupcakefairy12 Sun 20-Dec-20 21:43:43

I absolutely feel your pain! I’m currently suffering with severe toothache apparently due to grinding teeth and paracetamol is not touching it. I cry most days with the pain. I’m waiting for a guard but I not holding my breath it’s going to help. 😩

NickMyLipple Sun 20-Dec-20 21:45:18

I was prescribed co-codomol when pregnant for dodgy hips. Definitely contact your GP and ask if it would be safe for you to be prescribed that whilst you wait for an appointment.

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