Baby not moving but tests all showing fine

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Hu756 Sun 20-Dec-20 06:43:59

Hi everyone I feel at abit of a dead end here and needing help from you all maybe if you have any experiences with the same thing.
I am 29 weeks and 4 days, on Tuesday I started noticing less movement than usual, not feeling to alarmed just then on wednesday night I took the most severe pain across my stomach lasting around 30 minutes rang fetal assessment for them to too tell me if it persists ring back although it didn’t then came yesterday evening (saturday) my partner and I had had enough and rang fetal assessment and told them I can count on one hand from Tuesday how many times I had felt him move and compared to normal this was a significant decrease. I went up was put on a tracing blood pressure heart rate ect they told me tracing of his heart was great but they had also handed me a little button to press when I felt him move and in that say 40 minutes I think I only felt him move once although I wasn’t sure so midwife told me doctor wanted to do an ultrasound to check, she told me he was breech and didn’t say a lot more other than everything on their side was looking good she then proceeded to say that I could go home and do a kick count or stay in for observation and do a kick count I agreed to go home as with covid ect in hospitals at the minute I thought I could focus more at home. I got home yesterday around 5pm and rang again at 8 thinking maybe it was best to take doctors advice and go in as he still didn’t move and I had tried a number of things to get him to move at home however the midwife answered quite snarky I felt and told me it was up to me and there’s nothing really more they can do other than the test they done that day and didn’t seem concerned at all. My mother was sitting beside me at the time furious that she really wasn’t more concerned. I have woken up this morning and still no movement however after the response I got off the midwife on the phone lastnight I feel like a nusience if I ring again. I’m just at a dead end I don’t know what to do. I have read stories about mums not taking no for an answer and thank goodness that they didn’t as something was actually wrong with their baby’s when not moving but tests ect all showing ok. Please any advice at all appreciated

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LillethCrane Sun 20-Dec-20 06:50:27

Trust your instincts and go back in.
I have personal experience of this, and had to push for anyone to listen to me. I knew something wasn’t quite right, and I was correct. I’m not saying that to upset or worry you, but you know your own baby, and if it doesn’t feel right, get it checked.
Good luck x

Chocolate4me Sun 20-Dec-20 06:53:10

Definitely go back in, you will have a different midwife on shift too, don't be in a position of regretting not going in X

MRC20 Sun 20-Dec-20 06:55:44

Keep at it, they're busy right now and trying to fob you off. If you think something is wrong go with your gut feeling and don't let go until they take you seriously. This is your child and only you can advocate for them.

I had something similar at 24 weeks. My consultant was really on the ball and they were giving me scans every 3 days. Won't go into all details but there was an issue that wasn't picked up even with that many scans. The issue was only picked up at 28 weeks after I insisted they take a closer look at what was happening. So then they hooked up to a monitor for 12 hours (the issue only showed up intermittently and they found it). They delivered by c section immediately (he made it 👍). Without that intervention the consultant said he wouldn't have lasted more than a few days.

Don't give up, camp out in their waiting room if you have to. Don't worry about being seen as pushy. You're a Mama, of course you're going to be pushy. Good luck xx

OverTheRainbow88 Sun 20-Dec-20 06:58:06

Go in, their job is to check your baby is well.
Don’t ever feel embarrassed or like a nuisance. I went once 3 days in a row as I was convinced my waters had broken... I had actually weed myself each time but I’m glad I went in to check it wasn’t waters at 31 weeks

Best of luck.

16fairies Sun 20-Dec-20 07:10:57

How worrying for you. I had this at 30 weeks, reduced movements, completely freaked me out. Hospital were great, monitored and had scans, turns out he had moved into a breech position and I couldn’t feel movements as much as he was kicking into me, rather than out to my stomach. I had to get used to feeling less movements and I didn’t like it at all!
Fingers crossed it is the same situation for you but don’t be afraid to seek as much reassurance as you need.

JacobReesMogadishu Sun 20-Dec-20 07:12:55

Have they done a growth and umbilical Doppler ultrasound rather than just a quick presentation scan? They need to be checking blood flow through the umbilical cord.


FippertyGibbett Sun 20-Dec-20 07:16:34

Where is your placenta ? Sometimes if it’s at the front that affects the feeling.

Flamingolingo Sun 20-Dec-20 07:22:45

There are all sorts of reasons why you might find it hard to feel him, but also all sorts of reasons why he might not be moving and might need help. It’s not your job to diagnose, it’s theirs, and it’s a potentially serious situation. Whatever happens make sure that you’ve acted so that you know you fought for your baby. Keep calling, keep going back. Good luck!

IckyPop Sun 20-Dec-20 07:26:18


Have they done a growth and umbilical Doppler ultrasound rather than just a quick presentation scan? They need to be checking blood flow through the umbilical cord.

Keep going back. Sending you love and best wishes thanks

ivfbeenbusy Sun 20-Dec-20 07:30:32

In the midwives defence they gave you an option to stay in hospital for monitoring but you declined and then only gave it 3 hours when you got home? You also said the doctor was going to scan you but did you leave before that could be done? You have to wait in the evenings until someone becomes free/available so it's best to be in hospital waiting for that.

I don't feel a lot of movement at home sometimes - probably because too much going on and like a watched kettle that never boils the more you look for movement the less you feel it. In hospital with nothing else to do I felt loads more.

I would call again regarding the lack of movement today if given the option to stay overnight - take it. I had to go in at 28/29 weeks with my twins (due to bleeding not lack of movement) - every 4 hours for 2 days I was put on the trace machine and it really helped put my mind at rest. Also the trace machines pick up movement too - you have to stay on them until
The baby hits all the targets.

When the machine has the sound turned on you can hear the baby move even if you can't feel it and I would probably say I only felt about 30% of the movements that the machine "heard".

But it very much depends on your placenta position etc and which way the baby is lying and you'll need a scan for that - I feel mine a lot more depending on which way they are facing? Some days I feel a lot other days not so much

joystir59 Sun 20-Dec-20 07:32:16

Keep going back to them.dont worry about being a nuisance. Good luck op

Raspberry681 Sun 20-Dec-20 07:35:33

Wishing you the best of luck- do go back and insist they do more tests and you speak to a doctor. Ask for blood tests too. Tell them ‘I cannot ignore my instinct - I know my baby’s movements best’. I was reading this story this morning and a blood test revealed an unusual case

Waitingforbabypage Sun 20-Dec-20 08:26:04

Please go back in. I completely understand that all hospital staff are feeling the strain of covid- however they must remember they are healthCARE professionals and shouldn't be taking their frustrations out on the patients.
If your gut is telling you something isn't right- then argue it. You have every right to be heard and checked over.

Gardeniaofdelights Sun 20-Dec-20 08:42:09

Definitely go back in - it is always worth getting reduced movement checked out, even if you have recently been checked.

Hope all is ok flowers

CatholicKidston Sun 20-Dec-20 10:09:15

The midwives phone manner hasn't changed since I was pregnant with my DS then! Make them listen to you OP, they do this to everyone, it's awful when you're feeling so vulnerable and afraid and the people who are supposed to help you won't help you. But it's better to be a good mum than a good patient so insist that they see you.

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