Am I pregnant?

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Emmalee5544 Sun 20-Dec-20 04:32:45

I took two tests yesterday and they came back positive but took two more the day cause I couldn’t get my head around the idea of me being pregnant and they were negative, what does that mean

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grey12 Sun 20-Dec-20 04:37:24

Did you take the test because you missed your period? They're only reliable after a couple of weeks after conception.

If so, I would maybe try another test and then go to GP. Depending on your circumstances you could just wait it out another couple of weeks ;)

Emmalee5544 Sun 20-Dec-20 04:39:44

Hi yeah my period is late and I have been feeling nauseous and light headed for a few weeks but just confused about the mixed results I received

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marcopront Sun 20-Dec-20 05:08:37

How late is your period?

Emmalee5544 Sun 20-Dec-20 05:09:46

A month

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calimommy Sun 20-Dec-20 06:17:57

Your period is 4 weeks late?

Emmalee5544 Sun 20-Dec-20 06:39:11


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