PGP and induction

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Nc1468 Sat 19-Dec-20 11:20:06

Currently 31 weeks pregnant with baby number two, will be seeing my consultant next week so will ask him but just curious to see what other people have done.

I was induced with DS at 37 weeks as I had issues with placenta and he'd stopped gaining weight etc, and this pregnancy I've got low PAPP-A (hence consultant!) But the last 2 weeks my PGP has been unbearable. I've tried so much and nothing seems to make any difference. Starting to impact on how I can look after DS as I can't really carry him very well, he's 15 months and not a good walker at all and I'm just getting more and more sore every single day.

I have been referred for physio but no idea how long that might take especially with COVID at the moment.

I want to ask whether anyone has been induced because they have had such painful PGP, could potentially be induced anyway for the low PAPP-A but I can't face another 11 weeks (potentially!) Of this, the thought of it makes me want to cry 🤦🏼‍♀️😭

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kim160790 Sat 19-Dec-20 12:48:35

I was induced due to PGP with DS2 on my due date. As you're already under the consultant there's a good chance they will agree x

Nc1468 Sat 19-Dec-20 14:04:00

Just what I wanted to hear 😂❤️ I'm going to speak to him about it when I see him next week, it's absolutely unbearable. We've just popped into Tesco and DH pushed DS so I had nothing to do but walk and I left in tears.

Can I ask how early you were induced due to PGP? xxx

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physicskate Sat 19-Dec-20 17:59:21

I was on crutches from 25 weeks last pregnancy. Housebound by 31 weeks (took 10 mins to walk from door to car in my drive). What I'm saying is that I had it BAD last time. I was under consultant care for other issues. I didn't push for induction as I didn't want the increased risk of interventions... but it was specifically mentioned it's not something they would induce me for. I had to wait. On codeine. In agony.

Waiting for physio is absolutely a waste your time.

You need a chiropractor or osteopath who specialises in pregnancy. A list of some recommended practitioners is on the pelvic partnership website. Nhs won't offer these practitioners.

Stop doing the things that cause you pain. Let you dh do the shop with LO. Stay at home and rest.

Crutches can be quite helpful too. Just get some on eBay. They remind you to take the it slower.

This pregnancy? I see an osteopath every 3 ish weeks. Started getting the hurt rolling over in bed at 8 weeks (!!!!). I'm now 25 weeks. While I still get pain and can't really walk more than 10 mins, I don't see any signs that I'll need crutches. I'm not housebound. I can look after dd (she's 21 months and I DO find running after her in the park really difficult though).

Pelvic partnership is now your bible. Google it. But mostly, stop doing what you're doing that aggregates your pain.

Nc1468 Sat 19-Dec-20 18:26:03

That's really helpful thank you! I'm going to speak to my consultant and see what he says it's got to be worth a try! I swore I didn't want another induction this time but honestly can't face the rest of my pregnancy like this.

DH is going to do the shopping from now on with DS but he works 6 days a week so majority of the time it's just me and DS. He's not a great walker so still quite dependant on me which isn't ideal really either.

DH will just need to put my pants and socks on for me for a while longer 😂😂😂

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kim160790 Sat 19-Dec-20 21:55:05

@Nc1468 I was induced on my due date as I didn't realise I could ask for it so I managed to get an appointment a week before to ask. I'm being induced 29th December at 37 weeks for PGP gestational diabetes and reduced movements xx

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