Terrified that I'll miscarry.

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Pinklilly Sat 19-Dec-20 00:07:29

hi @Asher2021i wish i could help but i could have written your post. i am the exact same 5.5 weeks and only experiencing sore breasts and even then that's only at night when i take my bra off. my husband says my sense of smell is sharper but i don't notice it myself. i keep googling mmc and ectopics etc but today something dawned on me. All i can control is what i eat, how much i exercise, taking my vitamins and trying to stay positive. By letting go and recognising that whatever happens is not something i can control i fee slightly better. Not completely but a little. I also have booked myself a private scan for 10 days time. It feels far away but it has given me a smaller milestone to get to which i think feels more achievable. I still know that on sunday i want to take clear blue how many weeks- so wouldn't say i am totally not anxious but trying to be less. I have googled symptoms fluctuation and it seems very normal and i am just thinking if my baby is an individual then perhaps my symptoms are individual too- sounds a bit wishy washy but it helped me a little. I am so sorry i have little to help you with, but wanted you to know you are not alone.

Namechange2020lalala Sat 19-Dec-20 00:06:04

I remember the feeling well, it's so normal to worry. Well some people don't but many do. I booked some private scans occasionally when my anxiety was getting too much. Unfortunately there's not much we can do to influence things at this stage other than to take each day as it comes. I did find it reassuring to look at a miscarriage rate probability estimator. The rate falls steeply after 12 weeks and every day you are closer to the 12 week point.

HooverWhenTheCoastIsClear Sat 19-Dec-20 00:03:34

Hopefully no ant blood either.
Why this phone autocorrects perfectly normal words into garbage is beyond me.

HooverWhenTheCoastIsClear Sat 19-Dec-20 00:01:55

🤣🤣🤣 you might get none.... not money.... my god this phone..

HooverWhenTheCoastIsClear Sat 19-Dec-20 00:00:53

It really is quite normal.
I'm 12 weeks. Some days I throw up all day,other days I feel ok.
Discharge unless thick or usual smelling or blood etc is usually fine, some people have lots of symptoms and others none.
Obviously speak to your GP if you're concerned about anything. 5 weeks is early, sickness for me usually kicks in at 6 weeks and continues throughout. You might get money and that's normal for other people.

Easier said than done but try not to worry, eat well and take your prenatal vitamins and look forward to that 1st scan.
Ant blood or cramping outsude of normal you can go to the early pregnancy assessment units (I'm not in uk).

Congratulations op.

Asher2021 Fri 18-Dec-20 23:52:20

I can't stop myself worrying that I'm going to miscarry. I'm 5 and a half weeks and started off with just sore boobs/very sore nipples, mild AF type cramps and constipation. They have been my only symptoms so I've been finding comfort in the fact that my boobs have been hurting every day. No sickness throughout, no more tiredness than usual etc.
Today my boobs have started to hurt less and constipation is easing off..
I'm not cramping so much anymore and I can't help but worry that something has happened. I haven't bled whatsoever throughout this pregnancy, but have had clear/white discharge similar to what I'd get close to ovulation and read that clear discharge can be an indicator of early miscarriage??! I keep testing and lines seem to be staying the same and are very dark but know it takes a while for the hormones to disappear. My scan isn't until 12 weeks and tbh I don't know how I'm going to cope worrying so much until then.
Can someone please put my mind at ease? Is it normal for symptoms to fluctuate so much and for it to not be sinister? I feel like I'm losing my mind 😅

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