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Mika92 Fri 18-Dec-20 20:29:50

My first time posting
I’ve had 2 previous children adopted and one placed with my mother 8 years ago due to domestic violence. I am now 16 weeks pregnant to a new partner and social services want to do a pre birth assessment Im really scared what can I expect? I have been with my partner 2 years I have my son staying overnight unsupervised, I have a full time job and matured considerably will this go in my favour.

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lorisparkle Fri 18-Dec-20 21:18:33

I am afraid I don't have any direct experience but it sounds like things are so much more positive now. If you are having your son unsupervised over nights that puts you in a much better position.

I would go through all the steps you have taken to ensure you will keep your baby safe, well loved and cared for so you have something to share with social services

Be honest and open in answering questions and show willing in working with them

Is your mum supportive?

Mika92 Fri 18-Dec-20 21:36:11

Hi Thankyou for your reply. Yes my mum is very supportive I also have support off my partners family and friends.
Yes open and honest is definitely what I’ll be doing. in the past I did lie to them due to my ex making me and it caused more problems. I’ve got nothing to hide this time round x

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Snorlax86 Sat 19-Dec-20 04:44:30

They should go through the concerns that led to your other children being removed to see what has changed/if you took any steps such as parenting classes, DV awareness work like the Freedom Programme, counselling etc. and how you’ve gained insight into the concerns they previously had.

So far the changes you have made sound positive, best of luck with the pre birth assessment.

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