21weeks not much movement high bmi

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ShalomToYouJackie Mon 21-Dec-20 13:55:05

If you've got a high BMI and an anterior placenta it'll probably take a bit longer to feel regular movements. My BMI is quite high but below obese and I'm 20+5 and only occasionally feel flutters.

My midwife told me even with a second baby the same applies where a regular pattern of movement isn't expected until 28 weeks.

Mumofoneandanotherontheway Mon 21-Dec-20 13:51:50

Nia18 thanks for your reply. I’ve got a Anterior high placenta I was told at my last scan. They always struggle to find a heartbeat with the dopplers could be due to bmi or placenta I guess.
This probably is a added reason I can’t feel baby yet too.

All the best with your pregnancy xx

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Nia18 Mon 21-Dec-20 13:43:02

Do you know the position of your placenta? I'm on my 3rd pregnancy.

My 2nd pregnancy I had an anterior placenta and the difference has been pretty big for me.
I didnt feel a great deal of movement compared to my pregnancies with a posterior placenta.
I feel more movement in this pregnancy (posterior) than I did in me whole anterior pregnancy.

I have a high BMI too.

Mumofoneandanotherontheway Mon 21-Dec-20 11:22:17

Thank you for your replies, it’s definitely reassured me. I have a scan later on today. I felt movements again yesterday evening. It’s the midwife saying you should have a regular pattern which concerned me as I don’t as yet x

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Oneandabean Sat 19-Dec-20 08:51:02

They say up to 24 weeks to feel the first movements and then from 28 weeks baby will find their pattern (although I’m 34 weeks and no pattern yet). Take some reassurance from the fact you have felt baby move.

Obviously if you are concerned about movements ring your midwife

cat709 Fri 18-Dec-20 23:16:47

I'm surprised the midwife said that, I've never heard/read that before - that you should be feeling the baby at 18 weeks!!
I know many women who didn't feel anything until 20-25 weeks, and even then it's sporadic and could go for days without much.
My baby didn't get into a pattern until 28 weeks. Sometimes she'd be hiding around the back for days and I'd just wait. I'm now 32 weeks and she still has very quiet days.
Find your own pattern - you'll know your baby the best! X

Mumofoneandanotherontheway Fri 18-Dec-20 12:45:32

Just getting abit worried. I have a high bmi which of course is one of the reasons however I was feeling flutters for a few days and they’ve stopped for the past 48hrs.
With my first pregnancy I felt LO move around 24-25weeks
Second pregnancy was around the 24week mark again.
This pregnancy they keep saying you should feel baby move quiet early on (midwifes said this at 18weeks & 19weeks)
Should I be concerned or is it normal?
I have a scan booked on Monday x

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