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kiki97 Thu 17-Dec-20 17:07:45

Hi, I'm new here and was wanting some advice if possible! Long story short, in 2018 I had social services became involved as someone rang them and said my partner had smashed my house up ( which he never) anyways social done a visit checked my house etc he only came out once! He then rang me and said they were closing my case as they had no concerns and that my 2 children were happy&clean! And he also said he was closing my case and that I'd recieve a letter! I did recieve a letter to say case was closed.. anyways I've just found out I'm pregnant & worrying incase social get back involved ( they have no reason to) so is there anyone out there that can put my mind at rest? Thank you x

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Twinkle1989 Thu 17-Dec-20 17:27:46

They won't become involved - the matter is closed and they clearly had little concern if this is the case.

I wouldn't worry at all - this happens to a lot of people - they will do a brief investigation and then decide to go further or close

kiki97 Thu 17-Dec-20 17:39:35

Thank you, xx

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Twinkle1989 Thu 17-Dec-20 17:50:45

Enjoy your pregnancy ❤️

kiki97 Thu 17-Dec-20 17:53:25

Thank you so much, and thank you for taking the time to put my mind at rest!💖

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