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MrsF1989 Thu 17-Dec-20 15:47:09


I'm 5 weeks pregnant, so super early and I started spotting last night, its been intermittentl
today, only really noticeable when I wipe (sorry for TMI), i phone the clinic after thinking its quite normal and the nurse said "spotting is never a good sign in early pregnancy and to rest and let nature take its course". Now I'm super worried, especially as this pregnancy comes following IVF, so its been a long road getting here! Any good news stories would be appreciated xx

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Twizbe Thu 17-Dec-20 15:52:59

I spotted and bled throughout the first trimester of both pregnancies. Those pregnancies are now almost 4 and almost 2.

I had a subchoronic haematoma with both which resolved itself. With my second I had 2 huge bleeds for it to go.

I had a scan at 6 weeks with both just to confirm that is what it was.

MrsF1989 Fri 18-Dec-20 07:43:35

@twizbe thank you... I think the clinic panicked me. It got a bit worse yday evening and a bit more red but then has slowed again. Such a rollercoaster!!

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NRE20 Fri 18-Dec-20 09:10:37

When it comes to medical professionals, you never know what level of experience you’ll get. I recently had conflicting information from doctors I saw and it made thing rather confusing. Some made me worry and others reassured. Spotting doesn’t necessarily mean miscarriage, but frustratingly, no one can tell you for sure what’s going to happen and more often than not it’s a waiting game. Try to relax about it right now and just deal with the situation as it comes up. You can phone the clinic back if symptoms get worse and you need more advice. You might get someone different. Good luck!

NRE20 Fri 18-Dec-20 09:13:07

Oh and I’ve just remembered, my sister in law didn’t know she was pregnant for a good few weeks, because she had light bleeding.

YellowPostItPad Fri 18-Dec-20 09:19:17

I bled at 5,6,7,12,13 and 28 weeks. It was quite a lot of blood each time, bright red. They never found out what caused it but my twins (ICSE) were born full term.
Try and rest when you can (official advice is that rest doesn't make any difference to the pregnancy's viability but it made me feel I was doing something).

Charli1989 Fri 18-Dec-20 09:23:47

I was just about to ask the same. I'm 5+5 and I've been spotting for a week now - it was just brown/pink, but this morning I've had bright red and a bit more cramps. Phoned my GP and was told it was a threatened miscarriage and theres nothing they can do yet. Have a private scan next week but I am really struggling to stay positive now, and I feel like my nausea and bloating has vanished overnight. It's a horrible waiting period so I know what you're going through


LauraT94 Fri 18-Dec-20 09:30:12

Hey all,

I started bleeding yesterday at 5+3. Was a moderate amount of brown cm with some streaks of bright red. A bit of pink spotting throughout the day and then a bit more bright red before bedtime.

I spoke to the EPU and I'll share what they said after a telephone triage:

Spotting can be normal between 5-8 weeks and is considered to still be implantation bleeding. The spotting can be red, pink or brown. Do not have sex or use tampons for two weeks after the bleeding has stopped to avoid introducing any kind of infection. They can't guarantee it won't turn into a miscarriage, but with a miscarriage they would expect a lot heavier flow, more like a period, with large clots. Rest if you can, avoid being on your feet all day if possible.

Hope this helps!

I felt like I'd lost all hope yesterday morning when it started but I feel a lot better about it today. My temp has gone up, HCG tests are staying as strong lines, plus I still have my sore boobs and nausea!

Charli1989 Fri 18-Dec-20 09:40:02

Thank you. Wish my GP had been a bit more reassuring. I'd written myself off after the blood this morning but it is still light so will try and remain a bit more positive smile

MrsF1989 Fri 18-Dec-20 10:36:41

Thanks so much ladies. That's really helpful and reassuring. Seems to have stopped today, but I know it could come back. I also had some around the time of my period, so didn't actually think I'd be pregnant and was shocked when I saw a positive. Its much easier when healthcare professionals are a bit more optimistic rather than giving worst case scenario. When you're pregnant (especially after years of infertility), you catastrophize everything anyway without the twist of their knife 🙈. Fingers crossed everything is good for all of us xxx

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cinnamonb Fri 18-Dec-20 13:27:18

I've spotted at 6 weeks and 7 weeks with my pregnancy (first child, extremely anxious person) and I have been worried sick throughout my entire first trimester. Well, I had my 12 week scan yesterday and baby was perfect. Wriggling like crazy, strong heartbeat and looking amazing. Got lovely pictures and felt like a weight was lifted knowing they were ok. Fingers crossed for all of you but I had spotting and cramps throughout my first trimester and am proof that it isn't always something to worry about! smile

Pearson26 Fri 18-Dec-20 14:31:54

I had a fairly big bleed at 8 weeks (clots, black/purple blood for 24 hours and then a week of brown cm) and then had more spotting at 10 weeks. Once was about 12 hrs after a 'difficult' toilet visit and the other was after an orgasm (obviously neither medically confirmed as the cause) but I was scanned by the EPU and all was fine. Basically what I'm trying to say is that Your body is going through so much and there's a shed load of hormones doing weird stuff - please try not to worry as bleeding can mean something or it can mean nothing, and we have zero control over it.

I'm saying this knowing full well it doesn't help your worry levels in the slightest!

My SIL gave me a great mantra for early pregnancy which is 'surrender to the process' - I've been saying it a lot over the last few weeks and it does help xx

Let us know how you get on! X

MrsF1989 Fri 18-Dec-20 17:12:09

Thats a great mantra. I will try to keep that in mind. Touch wood... spotting has now stopped, I also did a test this afternoon and the line was darker than ever, so assuming it must be burrowed away in there still 🙏xx

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shelbyrae Fri 18-Dec-20 17:56:17

I had bleeding in my first pregnancy - it turned out to be a subchorionic haematoma and everything was fine.

Good luck, thinking of you! flowers

LauraT94 Sun 20-Dec-20 16:15:44

@MrsF1989 @Charli1989 how are you both getting on?

I've not had any more spotting but I'm waiting for my scan on Christmas Eve to see how it's all getting on in there! Keeping my 🤞🏻 for good news!

MrsF1989 Sun 20-Dec-20 16:21:23

@LauraT94 spotting has pretty much stopped. Sometimes there but still brown when I wipe (sorry tmi) and after I use the cyclogest pessaries (from IVF). I have my scan on 29th 🙏 xx

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LauraT94 Sun 20-Dec-20 16:24:48

@MrsF1989 oh I'm glad to hear it! Not TMI at all, I had the brown cm on wiping up until yesterday too, it's just the rest of the old blood passing. Keeping my fingers crossed for your scan too!

MrsF1989 Sun 20-Dec-20 16:32:33

@LauraT94 thank you.. yours too. Let us know how you get on. Im hoping the spotting stays away for us now 🙏 xx

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Charli1989 Sun 20-Dec-20 17:09:03

@LauraT94 No more fresh blood today but still some brown discharge. Feels less though so fingers crossed

Glad you are both seeing an improvement too x

Sherrybeat918 Sat 02-Jan-21 18:00:30

Hi all,

Thank you everyone for sharing your experiences. I have also been experiencing the same. I'm around 5 weeks have been spotting on and off for the past few days, sometimes pale pink when I wipe, other times pale brown noticed in my underwear. Having been diagnosed with a missed miscarriage the end of August I am worrying myself sick that I am having another.
Have any of you ladies had a follow up scan yet, if so can you share if it was good news.
I've been holding off calling the EPAC to arrange a scan purely because I don't want to face it if the outcome is not good news 😞

MrsF1989 Sat 02-Jan-21 18:44:13

@Sherrybeat918 hey lovely, I had spotting for 3 days mostly brown with a bit of pink at 5 weeks, then again a week later just once when I wiped. Had my scan last week and thankfully all was fine and saw a heartbeat 🙏 im now 7weeks and 2 days (and feeling pretty nauseous 🤣) xxx

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Sherrybeat918 Sat 02-Jan-21 19:08:01

@MrsF1989 so happy to hear that your scan went well and you got good news. It gives me hope.
I have had 2 MMC in the past and feel like it's making me think the worst of every little cramp or spotting. Did a ClearBlue test on 30th Dec which was positive 2-3 which means 4-5 weeks in normal dating. I'm trying to hold off for another 2 weeks before contacting the EPAC so the scan I get may show clearer what's going on but at the same time worrying myself sick and overthinking everything. X

MrsF1989 Sat 02-Jan-21 19:50:09

@Sherrybeat918 its also so worrying. Thus pregnancy is a product of IVF and 2 years of waiting so I didnt dare believe it until I saw it on the scan. I still don't to be honest, just hanging on for thr 12 weeks!! Its really hard when you've had MMC, it must make you question everything. Just keep your eye on it, I think after 6 weeks js when they can see a heartbeat, so maybe hold on until then? Xx

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LauraT94 Sat 02-Jan-21 20:00:24

Just an update that mine wasn't such a happy ending!

Had a scan with EPU on Christmas Eve, they measured me at 5.5 weeks when I should have been 6+3. Was upset but not majorly concerned as the dates weren't too far out... Had more bleeding in between, though it was just pink and watery. It was enough to convince me that all was not well.

I've been increasingly desperate for an answer, and my follow up scan with EPU wasn't until the 7th. Finally managed to get a private scan today at 4pm and they measured me at 6 weeks (this is 9 days later).

So it's a missed miscarriage for me, and just have to wait for it to pass or accept medical management when I see EPU on Thursday.

So so so hoping for better results for others!

Charli1989 Sat 02-Jan-21 20:14:51

@LauraT94 I am so sorry hun, please look after yourself.

I have no idea for myself, I am still in limbo. Had a scan on the 23rd where baby was a little behind where we thought and no heartbeat yet, but they said it was early. Back on the 6th to see what is happening. I'm hopeful as I'm still quite nauseous and bloated and tired, but the limbo is definitely no fun and I am also terrified to find out on Wednesday.

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