Anyone who's had or got placenta at the front..

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LayingLow Wed 16-Dec-20 21:14:40

Helloo when did you start to feel kicks or movements? This is my 4th baby but first time with placenta being at the front. I still haven't felt movements and I am nearly 18 weeks..
I was 20 weeks with baby #1.. baby #2 16 weeks.. baby #3 14 weeks.. but they all had placenta at the back.
Sorry can't think of the proper name or term of "placenta at the front" hahaha. X

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YouCantBeSadHoldingACupcake Wed 16-Dec-20 21:16:01

About 24 weeks. The movements are more cushioned with an anterior placenta

YouCantBeSadHoldingACupcake Wed 16-Dec-20 21:16:44

And it was dc 7 so well used to spotting movements

Grumpy19 Wed 16-Dec-20 21:17:55

Hi. I too am expecting my 4th and have an anterior placenta for the first time.

I felt DC1 at 19 weeks, DC2 at 16 and DC3 at 13/14. This time I felt some tiny flutters at about 18/19 and was feeling proper movement by 21/22 weeks.

TheHelpfulHiker Wed 16-Dec-20 21:20:06

I had this with my second and barely felt him move at all. Was quite a change from lively DS1. I can't remember exactly when u first felt anything but it was quite far along. I'd go several hours without feeling anything at all even very late on.

Wafflehouse Wed 16-Dec-20 21:23:41

I had this with my first, it was around 22 weeks that I felt anything. I was surprised how different things were with dc2 and how early I felt movement without that cushion in the way.

polkadotpixie Wed 16-Dec-20 21:23:46

I had an anterior placenta with DS and I get movements from about 14 weeks which I feel is quite early considering he was my first so there's no guarantee that it'll be much later than your others


Whatagreytdoggo Wed 16-Dec-20 21:30:23

Pregnancy number 2 for me, first was at the back, this ones at the front. Felt movements subtly from near 20 weeks. Regularly from about 24. I feel them more in the sides/up high/down below than straight in front if that makes sense. Did have some quiet days where I went for checks with triage just to be safe. But 29 weeks now and feel them very often!

TaVeryMuchLove Wed 16-Dec-20 21:30:48

DS1 - 19 weeks
DS2 - 17 weeks

Both anterior placentas

SunnySideUp2020 Wed 16-Dec-20 21:32:57

First pregnancy with anterior placenta felt from 21 weeks

Truelymadlydeeplysomeonesmum Wed 16-Dec-20 21:43:19

It was around 25 weeks I first felt anything at all. Then throughout the pregnancy I would say I had less feelings of movement than my other pregnancies. Could only feel properly when she was kicking my hips or bladder to bits.

Apparently the placenta was massive too. So they had trouble scanning properly as well. I had to lay on my side then swap sides etc

All the other children before I felt at 14-16 weeks. So this last pregnancy was a bit scary.

LayingLow Wed 16-Dec-20 22:08:25

Ohh so hopefully not long and I'll feel some movements! Did anyone experience any difficulties during pregnancy or labour with an anterior placenta?

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lemonsquashie Wed 16-Dec-20 22:37:21

Around 21 weeks I think. More than half way anyway

lemonsquashie Wed 16-Dec-20 22:39:20

And no problems at all. It's totally normal to have an anterior placenta

TokenGinger Wed 16-Dec-20 22:47:40

I felt 1 swift kick at 24 weeks and then nothing until 26 weeks.

Truelymadlydeeplysomeonesmum Wed 16-Dec-20 22:57:35

No problems in pregnancy or labour apart from difficult getting a good picture scanning

SquirtleSquad Wed 16-Dec-20 23:22:17

25 weeks with DC3, it was weird not feeling him until then as DC1&2 are twins and I could always feel at least one of them grin
No issues at all.
Good luck!!

TaVeryMuchLove Thu 17-Dec-20 07:00:34

It’s completely normal and very common. Doesn’t cause any issues during pregnancy or labour. Hope you start feeling kicks soon! x

rhowton Thu 17-Dec-20 08:50:47

I had this for both of my pregnancies. I didn't have movement until 26 weeks with my first and 22 weeks with my second. I generally didn't feel movement at all after 32 weeks and was constantly in for reduced movement. Turned out my DD1 was breech, my LV was super low and I had a planned (enough time to give me steroids) emergency c section just before 37 weeks. So by me coming in every few days for reduced movement, it actually saved my baby. If you don't feel your baby, please always go in.

Moandy Thu 17-Dec-20 11:23:02

19+1 and still waiting!

hanahsaunt Thu 17-Dec-20 11:52:54

This was me with my fourth and I found it hugely disconcerting - I think it was about 24 weeks for flutters. Even at a 27 week scan and they could show me baby kicking, I couldn't feel it.

Parkandride Thu 17-Dec-20 17:21:03

21+5 yesterday, was a relief!
Trying to see the benefit as seeing some of my friends complain about being used as a punch bag

NatalieH2220 Thu 17-Dec-20 17:25:26

I had anterior placenta with DS1 and felt movements around 19 weeks

Alyosha Thu 17-Dec-20 17:28:06

I had movements about 22 weeks with my son and I had an anterior placenta.

Joeylucy Thu 17-Dec-20 20:00:52

About 24 weeks I think

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