9 weeks brown discharge now a tiny bit of blood

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DMT1982 Wed 16-Dec-20 19:30:13

Hi girls. I’ve been on here a while and commented a few times but not actually posted a question.
I had a CP in October (5 weeks) and conceived almost immediately afterwards so am now 9 weeks. Had a scan in Saturday and showed healthy baby with a heartbeat. On Sunday I started to get a little bit of brown discharge and this has continued through the week. I had my first midwife appointment with bloods etc yesterday and mentioned this but she said we get all kinds of different coloured discharge so not to worry. Today I’ve had the smallest bit of red/pink on the tissue when I wiped. It’s exactly what happened with the CP in October but with more blood. EPU won’t see me without a GP referral and I can’t get even a call back from the GP until late tomorrow if I’m lucky enough to get through in the morning.

I’m just wanting both positive and negative stories really as I’m realistic is may not be good news.

Thanks xx

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DeadSouth Wed 16-Dec-20 19:44:43

Following as same position, epu scanned me at 6 weeks (almost 3 weeks ago) and baby was fine and refusing to see me for red blood today said “early pregnancy is a waiting game we prioritise emergencies”

Fingers crossed some posters will have some positive outcomes!

DMT1982 Wed 16-Dec-20 19:53:15


Sorry to hear you’re also in the same situation. I knew that would be the case with the doctors and EPU as had the same response with the CP back in October and just told to sit it out and do another pregnancy test in a weeks time. Thanks very much! If that’s the case this time that’s my Christmas screwed so I have a private scan booked for Monday just in case they won’t see me because I can either drown my sorrows if it’s bad news or have a good Christmas if it’s good news! Xx

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DMT1982 Wed 16-Dec-20 19:55:58

@DeadSouth would you mind me asking why EPU scanned you at 6 weeks pls xx

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DeadSouth Wed 16-Dec-20 20:19:30

@DMT1982 I was suspected ectopic but had a ruptured ovarian cyst and a healthy pregnancy so I think that was pretty much their job done from there sadly.
It’s awful we need to them go private for any kind of reassurance, I understand there’s not much they can do if anything is wrong but the sitting not nothing is so stressful it can’t be healthy for the baby! Good luck on your private scan hopefully it’s the best news for Christmas xx

DMT1982 Wed 16-Dec-20 20:54:25

@DeadSouth. Did they say you could possibly experience bleeding later on with the cyst? What kind of blood you had and has it stopped? Could you possibly book for a private scan as well? I’ve had no more blood but this is what happened with the CP albeit I had much more blood with that. Xx

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DMT1982 Thu 17-Dec-20 10:22:13

I called the midwife as couldn’t get through to doctors and she said it’s normal and the cervix may be irritated but also there are lots of blood vessels up there so that’s also a reason for the blood. She said unless the blood gets heavy or the brown discharge goes really dark like coffee granules then to carry on as normal. Only a doctor can refer me to EPU and they won’t scan me for my symptoms at the moment so advised a private scan.

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DMT1982 Thu 17-Dec-20 10:27:57

She also said it’s my hormones having an effect on it as well. How are you doing @DeadSouth xx

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DMT1982 Sun 20-Dec-20 08:15:52

Just to update you I had a confirmed miscarriage on Friday, under a week since seeing a healthy baby on the scan. Absolutely heartbroken as this is our miscarriage. Going to have some time out for a few months to sort my head out and give my body time to recover

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DeadSouth Sun 20-Dec-20 16:28:36

@DMT1982 I’ve still had no luck with the EPU and my midwife says I need to be the one to select refer but they said they only see or scan emergencies and all my local private scans are booked out to the new year so I’m playing a long waiting game.

I am so sorry that you’ve had such a hard outcome I’m sending love flowers

DeadSouth Sun 20-Dec-20 16:31:31

Sorry that should say self refer*

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