Brown spotting first trimester experiences?

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cinnamonb Wed 16-Dec-20 15:16:32

Hi everyone, I have my 12 week scan tomorrow and am absolutely bricking it. I have been so anxious throughout my first trimester that I'm going to go to my scan and find out its a MMC and can't believe tomorrow is D-Day.

When I was between 5-7 weeks, I experienced some brown discharge. Never enough to wear a pad, only when I wiped after weeing however the last few days of it were darker brown and really stringy. Terrified, I rang my midwife who didn't seem bothered and said it's fine as long as it isn't alot, doesn't turn red and I wasn't having strong cramps.

I saw baby on an early ultrasound at 6 weeks and saw heartbeat etc but still so scared. Had lots of symptoms, horrendous morning sickness, belly is growing a little...but I know all that can happen with a MMC and I have a horrible feeling baby stopped growing at the 7 week mark when I had the dark brown gunk.

Wonder if anyone else had a similar experience and everything turned out ok?? As you can imagine it's my first pregnancy so no idea what is normal for my body and what isn't. I want to be excited tomorrow but I'm just so terrified sad

Thanks in advance!

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WalkingMeAway Wed 16-Dec-20 16:21:43

So hard isn’t it 🥰
I had exactly the same, at roughly the same stages, in all my 3 pregnancies. It’s always been put down to implantation bleeding? As brown and old, no fresh blood and no cramping.

First two were successful pregnancies. This is my third pregnancy and I haven’t had my 12w scan yet but have had two successful scans at 7w4d and almost 9w so am hopeful for this one too.

Good luck for your scan. I’m sure everything will be fine x

Lisyloo725 Wed 16-Dec-20 16:29:07

The statistics are totally in your favour OP - if you have seen the heartbeat then odds are massively in your favour.
Very best of luck x x

greenemerald Wed 16-Dec-20 16:30:56

This exact same thing happened to me and it was all fine. 8mo currently on the floor babbling away smile if the blood is dark in colour and isn't excessive it should be fine. Good luck for your scan tomorrow thanks

lulufireray Wed 16-Dec-20 17:25:30

I had brown spotting on and off during my miscarriage but at 7 weeks it didn't stop and eventually turned into heavy bleeding and a full blown miscarriage. If it was anything to worry about you'd most likely know about it now so try not to stress! X

cinnamonb Fri 18-Dec-20 13:24:06

Hi everyone! Thank you so much for your messages; I read them all the night before my scan and they really helped to put my mind at ease.

Had scan yesterday and everything looked great. Baby was moving round like crazy, heartbeat was strong and got lovely pictures used to announce to friends and family. It was a private scan so get to see them again next week at my official 12 week appointment!

Thanks again everyone <3

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