Boob question!!

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LittleTiger007 Wed 16-Dec-20 11:37:11

I’m 17 weeks and one boob grew before the other one ... they did even out. I was glad that pain wasn’t in both at the same time. I’m big chested though so I now have joke sized boobs... which is actually no joke. Hoping they will shrink with breast feeding!

welshladywhois40 Wed 16-Dec-20 10:53:33

My left was always slightly bigger than my right but it became more pronounced after the birth of my first.

Pregnant again now and they have evened out - let's see how they deflate again post pregnancy.

After my first I went to m and s to get a bra fitting and I was a cup size different - to size they size to the smaller one. The fitter said she had seen this all the time.

adogisforlife91 Wed 16-Dec-20 10:47:43

I've always had one slightly bigger than the other. Woke up a few days ago and it was like the bigger one had grown 3 sizes over night and the other one had been left behind!

Gardeniaofdelights Wed 16-Dec-20 10:43:29

This happened to me too during pregnancy but they evened out after a few days

newmam2021 Wed 16-Dec-20 10:25:07

Thanks for your reply @Mackie2020 !

Yeah I think you're probably right, just one of those things but I suppose as a first timer it just seems odd (like everything else!grin)

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Mackie2020 Wed 16-Dec-20 09:56:40

I'm 16 weeks and my left boob and nipple is bigger than my right! I'm quite small chested too. I'm not worried about it though. I think it's just one of those things.

newmam2021 Wed 16-Dec-20 09:52:24


I'm 21 weeks pregnant and only in the last few days really discovered that my right breast and nipple is much larger than my left... has anybody else had this? Is it normal??!
I was very much flat chested before I got pregnant but only my right breast has really grown and has so many stretch marks whereas my left only has two tiny stretch marks... I find it so odd and I don't even like looking at them confused

Thanks in advance!

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