antenatal care- when did you hear?

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Pinklilly Wed 16-Dec-20 09:45:23

Hi all,

I have completed a self referral for antenatal care- currently estimated at 5 weeks according to last menstrual period. I gather they don't send you an appointment until about 8 weeks but did anyone receive confirmation that they have received your referral and are processing it?

I tried to call the clinic and no answer so just wondered how long it took for you all to hear back?

Thanks for your help

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winterbabythistime Wed 16-Dec-20 09:47:44

It will be different in different areas.

I'm in greater Glasgow and Clyde health board. I phoned to self refer at 5 weeks and they gave me my date for booking appointment (10 weeks) and scan (12+5) over the phone then followed up with letters

Pinklilly Thu 17-Dec-20 10:57:10

Hi thanks for your help I decided to try and keep calling and got through today and booked an appointment for January so many thanks.

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