Private clinics early scans.

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georgiaerin Tue 15-Dec-20 19:47:25

I've had an early scan today after an EPU one and I'm mixed emotions on what to believe.
I have equal amounts of friends and others on groups saying how good they are and how bad they are also.
I've had a good experience 14 weeks + but anything under 10 apparently is a no go?
She told me she's trained more than hospital sonographers for early scans but then continued to tell me they normally scan from 8-10 weeks so I don't realllly understand that one?!

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3rdtimelucky2019 Tue 15-Dec-20 19:48:30

Don't go to an early scan before 8 weeks as it causes more worry than good. I've only had good experiences TBF

georgiaerin Tue 15-Dec-20 19:50:32

I had a scan at EPU sat told 6+1 irregular sac but heartbeat.
Went to scan today at private measuring 7+4 (that's going by LMP exact but I think I'm more 6 than 7).
Said the sac is irregular due to placenta being to thick and I have cystic black spaces everywhere.
Told me to wait until my next 29th scan at EPU.
Fair enough.
But told me she works in EPU and knows the sonographer who done my scan there. But apparently they aren't trained as much?
I thought it was quite rude.

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georgiaerin Tue 15-Dec-20 19:51:34

Also @3rdtimelucky2019 they don't normally do before 8 weeks but because I said I've seen heart beat she was happy, just kept referring to previous notes given by EPU now I'm wondering if I didn't explain or had another opinion would the sac be an issue.

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physicskate Tue 15-Dec-20 19:52:21

I think part of it depends on your reasoning for having the scan. If it's 'reassurance', I probably wouldn't recommend one (I've seen far too many women on these boards find them anything BUT reassuring).

If the purpose is to get a rough idea of how far along you because it's an unexpected pregnancy, or you want your partner to attend and because of covid they can't attend nhs scans, then maybe it should be considered as an option?

Scans only give you a snapshot of a moment in time. What will be in the future is impossible to predict. Early pregnancy is a worrying time and simple 'reassurance' wears off quickly, especially for the type of women who require reassurance.

georgiaerin Tue 15-Dec-20 19:53:37

@physicskate I had a bleed and went EPU Saturday and then I had this private one booked for me and my partner was going to cancel but wanted more info from another sonographer

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Mother2princess Tue 15-Dec-20 20:27:55

Irregular sacs aren't usually a good outcome unfortunately


3rdtimelucky2019 Tue 15-Dec-20 20:32:51


Also @3rdtimelucky2019 they don't normally do before 8 weeks but because I said I've seen heart beat she was happy, just kept referring to previous notes given by EPU now I'm wondering if I didn't explain or had another opinion would the sac be an issue.

Ah sorry lovely I saw your thread yesterday. My honest advice? Stop doing the scans now and wait until your next NHS appointment. As upsetting as it is (and I've had miscarriages and issues with early scans so I do get the anxiety), having all these extras scans isn't going to help how you're feeling, just the opposite. Take some time to look after yourself and find ways to distract yourself until your next appointment.

ShalomToYouJackie Tue 15-Dec-20 20:34:38

I've read lots of awful stories on here, I've read a few in particular where women have gone to a private scan and been told baby is measuring X and there's a heartbeat then at their EPU been told actually there's no heartbeat and baby is measuring much earlier than X so they've had false hope.

There was also a recent BBC news report about the dangers of these private scan clinics.

As a PP said, if it's later on in the preganncy and so partner can attend then I'm all for them but if it's to diagnose something or very early on then I don't think they're a good idea.

georgiaerin Fri 18-Dec-20 12:13:41

Just an update.
Had my midwife call today and she seemed quite against the private scan I had and what I was told.
She said that sacs can be all shapes and sizes and there’s a heartbeat which is very positive. She said to stay hydrated and look forward to my next scan.
Irregular sac doesn't mean bad news especially if there is a heart beat.

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georgiaerin Fri 18-Dec-20 17:41:54

@Mother2princess is this something you've experienced? Mine has now got bigger and changed shape my midwife said if there's no heartbeat it's for concern but a good heartbeat and size baby there shouldn't be concern at all.

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georgiaerin Fri 01-Jan-21 22:15:03

Hi girls.
Unfortunately baby didn't have a heartbeat on 29/12 and I had a d&c 2 days ago.
I am absolutely heartbroken.
Partial molar pregnancy, I hope you're all okay.

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numberthirtytwoWindsorGardens Sat 02-Jan-21 12:02:34

I'm really sorry, Georgia. flowers
I hope you're feeling as well as is possible x

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