Symptoms fading

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FirstTimeScared Mon 14-Dec-20 22:14:44

I cant seem to get the thought of something is wrong or going wrong out my head.

From lmp I'm 7w2 today. Nausea has been and gone. Boob pain seems to slowly be going too. Other than those and actually missing a period and having a positive test I don't feel no different. Yes I'm more tired too.

Don't even know why I'm writing this, guess just needed to get it out and need some reassurance.

2nd pregnancy with first ending with mc at 5w4.

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cat709 Mon 14-Dec-20 22:17:14

You say symptoms have gone, but the main bulk of symptoms for me was 8-15 weeks, with things really peaking at 9-12. So it's not uncommon to have weeks where you feel 'not pregnant.'
Any change you can book a private scan to put your mind at rest? Xx

CustardCreamm Mon 14-Dec-20 22:20:33

I remember when I was roughly 7 weeks pregnant that my symptoms had lessened, only to come back in full force between 9 and 13 weeks! Symptoms will come and go throughout your pregnancy, so please try not to worry! smile

shelbyrae Mon 14-Dec-20 23:59:17

I had this in my first pregnancy at 7 weeks as well - all symptoms completely went and I suddenly didn't feel pregnant. Gut feeling everything had stopped. All was well.

Then in this pregnancy I had the same thing at 5 weeks - again a gut feeling it was all over - and an early scan revealed I'm measuring on schedule.

It's scary but it does happen in successful pregnancies all the time. Like others have said ask for an early scan if you're worried x

Enough4me Tue 15-Dec-20 00:05:20

It is scary, but you aren't doing anything wrong and unless you have been in a serious accident or taken strong drugs (i.e. you know a reason to worry) then it is a case of waiting to see what happens next. Hopefully this is just a natural lull in symptoms, but it is hard when you have been through loss before. Be kind on yourself and let those in your bubble know about this, sounds like you need a reassuring hug and some well wishes flowers

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