How much tiredness is normal at 17w?

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LaMadrilena Mon 14-Dec-20 10:08:18

I'm 17w along, and suddenly physically shattered. I had a lot of nausea the first 3 months, but now absolutely fine on that score, just got a bit of catching up to do weight-wise. I've not got much of a belly yet (size 10-12 and can still just about do up my jeans), and I'm fairly fit, doing 2 HIIT sessions a week (I've reduced the intensity). I'm sleeping ok. I'm 37.

The problem is, it's 11am here and I feel like I've run a marathon already. I struggle to climb stairs, and get breathless walking. I'm not tired mentally, but physically I feel like I've been hit by a bus the last couple of weeks.

Does this sound normal? It's my first time, so no idea. I thought the worst of the tiredness would be at the beginning and the end, not in the middle! I was determined not to use being pregnant as an excuse for not doing things, but I don't know how I'm going to last 5 more months!

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MsHedgehog Mon 14-Dec-20 10:12:39

I'm now 23+5 but was very similar. I had horrible horrible sickness first trimester, throwing up several times a day every day, but it cleared up as I went into the second trimester (although it seems to be slowly coming back...).

I never had an issue with exhaustion but around week 19, I was constantly shattered and exhausted. It only lasted around a week or so for me, so hopefully it'll clear up for you too!

CharlieD2020 Mon 14-Dec-20 10:29:20

Sorry you're struggling OP! I'm 17 weeks too and really tired again. Just a thought but if you're getting breathless too, I think that can be a sign of anaemia so might be worth telling your midwife and seeing about getting a blood test to check.

TheFoz Mon 14-Dec-20 10:51:10

Definitely get your iron levels checked.

Superscientist Mon 14-Dec-20 10:53:45

My fatigue lasted through out my pregnancy but each trimester it got a little better. My third trimester was the best.

LaMadrilena Mon 14-Dec-20 11:40:49

Thanks for the messages everyone. I had wondered about iron levels. I've got my 20w scan in a couple of weeks, and they do blood tests too, so will check with the obstetrician then. Not sure I'll get to see the midwife before then, but I might try to give them a ring. And till then, lots of (overdone) steak and broccoli... sad

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TheFoz Mon 14-Dec-20 12:04:47

3 weeks is a long time to feel rubbish. Get an iron supplement yourself. It won’t do you any harm.


LaMadrilena Mon 14-Dec-20 13:09:09

Hmm. I'd rather avoid taking a supplement until it's confirmed necessary, just because of the possible side-effects. I'll try and get more green veg and nuts etc first. Also, there's iron in chocolate, right?

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LittleTiger007 Mon 14-Dec-20 13:13:19

Hi I’m 17 weeks too and tired although the major new symptom for me is that I’ve become so hungry in the past couple of weeks. It’s crazy! Like you I’m trying to keep up the iron intake, I’m not sleeping well so that’s the main cause for me.

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