MyOff the pill, now confused

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JuneySunshine Sun 13-Dec-20 18:22:43

I'm 32, in a long term relationship, house, etc etc
My partner have a good life now but do want kids and have discussed having them at about the age we are now for 5 years or so.
We've had a couple of friends who have had long periods ttc and decided to start trying with no pressure/ expectation it would happen quickly.
I came off the pill in October, had a withdrawal bleed and one period a month or so later.
The next period should have been about 3 weeks ago but still hasn't come. I've been stressed with work and weight may be up and down (lockdown!) and my cycle could still be settling down. But the longer its gone on i started wondering about pregnancy.
I finally got a test this weekend and felt really relieved when it was negative. Feeling really mixed up about why I didn't want to be pregnant.
Could just be worn down after a long year? Also felt kind of guilty, that if I had been pregnant I would have been drinking even after i knew my period was late. Do others stop drinking when ttc to avoid this?
What if I had been pregnant and wasn't happy about it? Is it still right not to be using protection??
Confused! Help!

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