Asking for induction- anyone been successful?

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EllieJai44 Sun 13-Dec-20 13:49:12

I've been told I'm not allowed past my due date for a few factors (potentially growth and movements) and liklihood is I'll be induced (was induced for first baby for growth and movements)

No one has yet mentioned any dates or anything, I have a consultant phone call on Wednesday and wondered if I could ask about an induction, but I don't know how likely they are to agree, I'm currently 35 weeks so a few weeks off still, another reason is so I can sort out childcare for my toddler and hubby can have a date for work too

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PreRaphaeliteMotherhood Sun 13-Dec-20 14:01:19

They won’t agree to induce for social reasons. However if you have had issues with growth and movements they may suggest an induction somewhere around 39 weeks (they’d only induce earlier if they really had to). You’re unlikely to be given an exact date until closer to the time.

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