Did you buy new pyjamas for the hospital?

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faithfulbird20 Sat 12-Dec-20 21:09:10

Obviously after you gave birth and are staying the night.I felt like taking what I already own. But being the minimalist I am, I don't want people to feel like I'm dirty because they're my everyday ones which I have had a lot of use out of. I might just buy a new pair...or a few...like I did last time..what did u do?

It's just come to thought that some women didn't even wear pyjamas and just wore T-shirt's and joggers all day and night at the hospital...

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NaturalStudy Sat 12-Dec-20 21:14:21

Surely you want to use your old ones in the hospital and save your nice new ones for when you're home and a little bit 'fresher'?

Turtleturtle81 Sat 12-Dec-20 21:18:19

I honestly don’t think anyone will think you are “dirty” if your pyjamas are not brand new.

Rufffles Sat 12-Dec-20 21:19:44

I ironed my favourite pair before packing them in my hospital bag. It felt BLISSFUL putting them on after giving birth and having a shower. It felt less lovely having to whip them off again a few hours later as I'd bled through onto them sad

PurBal Sat 12-Dec-20 21:30:34

I don't own pjs because I sleep naked, and I spend a lot of my time around the house nude too (or a dressing gown if it's cold). I also don't own slippers (I used to but just so hard on shoes). I'm going to have to buy a whole new wardrobe if DH doesn't come around to a home birth but the idea of being so restricted by clothes is horrible. Obviously this is just my opinion, DH wears clothes around the house and I know a lot of people do but I'm one of those people that's happier naked.

GirlCalledJames Sat 12-Dec-20 21:35:38

I was in for more than a week before and after the birth and wore dark leggings under the hospital issue gown and a hoodie over. Didn’t want to risk bleeding on my nice pyjamas. I also took a couple of day outfits to wear.

caffeinebuzz Sat 12-Dec-20 21:40:16

First baby I got new PJs for the hospital. Second time I had learnt my lesson, oldest PJs / leggings for the first week, but bought myself a lovely comfy new pair for the second week once things settled down.


Oneandabean Sat 12-Dec-20 21:40:35

I bought new as got a size up so they’re more loose and comfortable just incase I needed a c section fingers crossed I won’t but rather be prepared

Sceptre86 Sat 12-Dec-20 21:44:58

I bought new both times, nothing fancy just ones with an elasticated waist from primark. I got a size bigger than normal to make sure they went high up on my timmy (had a section).

mynameiscalypso Sat 12-Dec-20 21:48:18

I had a nightshirt (from primark) rather than pyjamas - I knew I was having a catheter that might be in overnight so that seemed more practical.

Ladybird345 Sat 12-Dec-20 21:48:37

I bought a new nightie but ended up staying in for a few nights so my OH brought my normal nighties for me. Trust me nobody will even notice what pjs you will be wearing 😊

meow1989 Sat 12-Dec-20 21:49:02

I bought some night dresses with poppers at the front for breastfeeding. I ended up having an emcs so pyjama bottoms would have been uncomfortable I think.

katmarie Sat 12-Dec-20 21:51:58

I bought a couple of feeding nightdresses, but ended up in a vest top and leggings for most of my post birth time in hospital. Tbh no one was looking at me, they all wanted to see the baby, I could have been wearing anything tbh.

3rdtimelucky2019 Sat 12-Dec-20 22:31:55

Dark jogging bottoms were life savers for me. Wear what's comfy and you don't mind bleeding through...

Miffyliffy Sat 12-Dec-20 22:36:02

My first I got new pjs, second new pjs and theirs I wore leggings, shirt and cardigans.

I honestly feel dirty sitting around in PJs and feel much more together wearing normal clothes so definitely prefer that. In all honesty no one cares what you look like, it's about how you feel, do what you will feel comfortable in. Birth isn't easy, you will feel exhausted and 1000 different emotions, do yourself a favour and do what's comfy for you.

thecakebadge Sat 12-Dec-20 22:41:05

I was wearing some brand new PJs I had got for Xmas when I went into hospital in labour with DD a few days later. I lost my mucus plug while wearing them confused. No longer my best PJs.

PronkWine Sat 12-Dec-20 23:34:02

I bought a massive t-shirt nighty from Primark and DH's PJ bottoms, baggy dark colours are your friend.

DinosaurGrrrrr Sun 13-Dec-20 00:29:33

I just wore pj bottoms I already had and vest tops (so not even a matching set), I suggest dark bottoms, I bled allover mine a few hours after giving birth, I was very glad I’d packed dark ones so it wasn’t obvious when I had to walk through the ward to clean myself up. I wouldn’t be buying nice pjs.

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