Girl or Boy?

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bellil Sat 12-Dec-20 20:10:56

Sorry for another one of these! Just curious what anyone thinks, not sure if you can even tell anything from this as I can’t see what I’m supposed to be looking at 🙈

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Bruce2 Sat 12-Dec-20 20:18:35

Boy X

Bogardicia Sat 12-Dec-20 21:09:03

100% girl!

JChina Sat 12-Dec-20 21:13:02

Definitely a girl!!

DandyLyon Sat 12-Dec-20 21:16:49

Yes, girl!

bellil Sat 12-Dec-20 22:02:36

Ooo interesting! We’re finding out on 2nd Jan so I’ll let you know if you’re right 😀

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chloexxxx Sun 13-Dec-20 07:58:06

Girl xx


Helenknowsbest Sun 13-Dec-20 09:16:10

Girl 100%

Fairywings123 Sun 13-Dec-20 16:51:47

Yep id say girl too! I find out the gender on the 3rd of jan, let us know xx

Piper10 Sun 13-Dec-20 21:25:05

I think girl also

bellil Sun 13-Dec-20 23:03:56

Thanks everyone for taking the time to guess 💕 I’ll be sure to update!

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Teakind Sun 13-Dec-20 23:11:28

Girl vote from me too : )

Tesssy Tue 05-Jan-21 03:08:58

@bellil Hi, did you find out? And was it a girl? Xx

Lou98 Tue 05-Jan-21 03:32:44

Clearly I'm rubbish at these, I was certain on boy 🙈😂

Miffyliffy Tue 05-Jan-21 05:11:58


bellil Tue 05-Jan-21 08:06:15

@Tesssy sorry I totally forgot to update 🙈 yes we had our scan at the weekend and found out we’re having a boy! 😊 x

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bellil Tue 05-Jan-21 08:07:17

@Lou98 you’re right we found out it is a boy! 😊

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Helenknowsbest Tue 05-Jan-21 10:17:06

Congratulations 👏 x

bellil Tue 05-Jan-21 10:47:05

@Helenknowsbest thank you! 😊 xx

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Lou98 Tue 05-Jan-21 12:01:16

@bellil congratulations!😁💙

Must not be as bad at them as I thought haha! 😂

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