Hematoma and massive blood loss, stories of success?

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Growingyou Sat 12-Dec-20 13:26:23

Hello everyone,

After excitedly passing the 12 week scan/tests with flying colours, last night (14 weeks, 3 days pregnant) as I was cooking dinner I felt a rush of fluid down my legs. For a moment of shock I thought I had wet myself. I pulled down my trousers to discover gushing blood, including large clots. I assumed the worst.

In hospital, after about 35 mins of heavy constant blood/clot flow, things eased up to allow an internal examination. Much to the doctor's surprise, the baby was alive and kicking, but I have a large hematoma (8cm long by 3cm thick) which is encroaching on the placenta.

Has anyone else experienced such large hematomas in pregnancy and gone on to have a successful pregnancy? I've been put on strict bed rest, and they'll monitor every 3 days.

I feel a bit in shock

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