Budget friendly travel system?

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EmilySpinach Sat 12-Dec-20 18:13:01

Would you consider second-hand (apart from the car seat?). The depreciation on travel systems is significant and there are always immaculate ones for sale in the various pram groups.

Sanch1 Sat 12-Dec-20 17:46:06

We've just bought the joie chrome was under £400 and then the isofix base on top so about £450 total. It came with car seat, pram, pushchair, rain covers and cosy toes.

MindyStClaire Sat 12-Dec-20 13:05:16

I don't know either of those brands, but my travel system is still being used everyday on baby number two. If you'll use it a lot I'd be inclined to buy a high quality one second hand rather than a new one that's not well built.

Princessbanana Sat 12-Dec-20 12:32:33

Maxi cosi is a good brand. I’m not sure about icklebubba but I’m part of a few car seat pages and there is a lot of parents not happy with their car seats and they are replacing them with maxi cosi or other brands. I’ve had two maxi cosi cabrio car seats and they were very good, if you use the car a lot and could spend a little extra, I would recommend the easy fix base for the car.

Cupcakejamlover Sat 12-Dec-20 11:58:15

Hi, im currently looking for a budget friendly travel system for baby, including the pram/ pushchair, carseat, isofix, for up to £400. Could be more expensive and perhaps go on sale for around that price. Does anyone have any good recommendations? I’ve so far seen icklebubba stomp v3, and one from Maxi Cosi, not sure if they’re great.

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