Painful intermittent cramping at 5 weeks

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Sohe Fri 11-Dec-20 18:31:19

I’m not really sure what to do. I’m just over 5 weeks and have been getting cramping for the last 8 days. For the last day or two the cramping is very painful, only lasts about 20 minutes at a time and is a few times a day. But when I does happen it literally knocks me sick and I feel like crying. Then it passes for a few hours and starts again. I’m reluctant to take paracetamol coz I’m scared it will effect the pregnancy. I have been constipated so started taking a low dose of lactulose. I posted a few days ago about early cramps and everyone was very reassuring but I feel like they have gotten worse. Has anyone had really bad cramps/pain in their very early pregnancies? Coz it’s so early I feel like there is nothing I can do xx

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raysofhope Sun 07-Feb-21 07:49:46

Sohe, how are you doing now? I hope the cramping diminished over time. I have had similar bad cramping for the past 48 hours at 4 weeks+4 (so only just tested positive) and am concerned it may be an ectopic pregnancy or some other problem.

LunaDreams Sun 07-Feb-21 08:19:51

I've had cramping throughout my pregnancy so far (6 weeks) and they got worse several days ago so ended up going to the early pregnancy unit (EPU) to have it checked out and it wasn't ectopic. My GP did say cramps are very common in early pregnancy but to get them checked out if they become painful or worse.

They took my concerns seriously so if I was you I would get it checked out. Call GP, SPY or 111. I was told if they get really bad to go to A&E.

I'm sure it will all be ok but better to be safe than sorry x

LunaDreams Sun 07-Feb-21 08:20:59

SPY was meant to be EPU..damn autocorrect!

Cafeaulait27 Sun 07-Feb-21 08:37:05

Definitely go to your EPU as soon as possible. Most likely everything will be fine but there is a chance of ectopic which can be very serious. Any symptoms like this should be reported to your gp/EPU to be checked out. Let us know how it goes xxx

raysofhope Sun 07-Feb-21 13:18:27

It’s useful to hear people’s experiences on this, I’m going to contact the GP tomorrow.

LunaDreams Sun 07-Feb-21 15:26:28

@raysofhope I hope you feel better soon. I think it's the right move to get it checked out, it will give you reassurance. Will keep everything crossed for you


BeeDavis Sun 07-Feb-21 21:53:44

Your situation is exactly the the same as mine! I have had the most horrendous pains for about 2 weeks, same as you on and off lasting for about 20 mins, along with constipation. I got lactulose from the docs and it definitely helped me go to the toilet better. I went back to the docs and they referred me to EPU just to rule out ectopic. We went on Saturday and I measured at 6+4 and baby was growing nicely. They also couldn’t see any obvious reason for the cramping so very relieved that it wasn’t anything bad. Funnily enough my pains have died down since then, my anxiety has been through the roof with them but I feel like now I know everything is fine it’s chilled me out abit.

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