When did you start to show?

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Vogue1992 Thu 10-Dec-20 23:53:59

Hey, I’m 10+5 and my stomach is SO big, I mean big in comparison to normal, I’m fairly slim and usually wear a size 6/8 but right now whatever I wear my stomach is very much visible. Surely it isn’t possible to be showing a bump just yet, is this bloating and will it go down? This is Baby #1 so I have no idea what is ‘normal’ I’ve had an early scan and it’s definitely only 1 baby, no twins x

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YerAWizardHarry Fri 11-Dec-20 00:01:38

It'll be bloating. Baby is literally the size of a baked bean just now. I didn't show "properly" until 28 weeks roughly

PFin Fri 11-Dec-20 00:06:12

My first I was badly bloated just and didnt start showing properly until after 20 weeks. This time round im 18 weeks and have had a bump for around a month but apparently you show earlier with 2nd. Its not too bad with looser clothing atm but dont think it will last long!

Belle1983 Fri 11-Dec-20 00:09:19

I had bad bloating from about 10 weeks.
I was around a size 10, and ended up getting a few dresses the same in a 12 so it was less obvious at work.
Although the bloating eased, I never really got any smaller and ended up wearing maternity jeans from 12 or 13 weeks.
15 weeks I could tell it was starting to be more of a bump.
20 weeks it was more obvious to others.

Luckyelephant1 Fri 11-Dec-20 01:34:58

Yes I'm size 8 baby number 1 and 9+5 weeks. Scales show I've actually lost about 3 pounds since becoming pregnant yet a couple of my jeans no longer do up! Although I have definitely blobbed out as well as I haven't had the energy to work out for a few weeks, but mostly it is bloat. Its so uncomfortable I sometimes can't sleep!

Suzi888 Fri 11-Dec-20 02:05:43

Five months.

nocturnalke Fri 11-Dec-20 02:54:12

Started showing 'properly' as in pregnant and not just put weight on round my tummy, around 26 weeks but my bump was small throughout. But I've heard you show a lot quicker with the second. Congratulations smile


Nat4392 Fri 11-Dec-20 07:03:42

I started showing at 15 weeks. First baby, previously size 8-10 but I lost half a stone between 8-12 weeks due to sickness. I’m 16 weeks now, only in this last week has my tummy “popped”. It is noticeable to other people. Everyone is so different and it can vary loads with when you first show.

luxxlisbon Fri 11-Dec-20 09:29:23

To be fair at 10+5 the baby is about 4cm, so not remotely the size of a baked bean!

I feel like I'm similar to you, I'm almost 10 weeks, a size 6 and really petite but I have a tiny bump whereas I usually have a completely flat stomach. The little bump is there first thing in the morning.
So far I've actually lost about 6lbs from morning sickness and nausea and if I lost that from being sick normally my stomach would look crazy toned.
I think it is about 50% bloat but also because I'm small there isn't a whole lot of room for things to stretch and grow in their usual places.

Obviously it is tiny and most other people probably just think I've had a big lunch smile

elsaesmeralda Fri 11-Dec-20 09:32:46

I was previously tiny and a size 6-8 I started showing properly about 16 weeks. Still looked like trapped wind though! But noticeable because I was so slim, I'd say around the 21 week mark was when I had an actual little baby bump

Meomeomeo Fri 11-Dec-20 09:42:17

First trimester for me was mainly bloating so it actually felt bigger than my second trimester now.

Mimba1 Fri 11-Dec-20 10:02:14

It's hard to tell. I started wearing maternity jeggings at around 9 weeks because I felt soooo sick if anything pushed on my (enormous) tummy and they were more comfy. It wasn't baby though just bloat. The bloat has gradually transitioned into baby but I'm not sure I could point to a specific week when I started "showing". It's all caused by the baby/placenta anyway I suppose! I guess I stayed about the same size on the outside between 9 weeks and 20 weeks but started to feel more of a bump inside and less bloating (couldn't lie on tummy without feeling baby for example). Now I'm starting to get a bit bigger at 23 weeks but it's really gradual. Also a lot bigger in the evenings than the morning (also been true since about 9 weeks!)

YouCantBeSadHoldingACupcake Fri 11-Dec-20 10:23:44

With my first I was over 6 months before I started to show, with subsequent pregnancies it was 10 weeks

user1493413286 Fri 11-Dec-20 10:28:20

With my first I didn’t start to show until 20 weeks but with my second I was so bloated at 10 weeks that I could only wear one pair of my jeans and I was into maternity jeans by 12 weeks. My second bump was more spread across my tummy compared to my first out front one so I think that was part of it.

Vogue1992 Fri 11-Dec-20 11:38:32

Thank you! I think the general consensus is this is bloat rather than bump, I just admit I thought it was super big for being almost 11 weeks as I have a long way to go yet 😅

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boymum88 Fri 11-Dec-20 11:48:08

Either way it's down to being pregnant 🥰 In both my pregnancy's I was in mat jeans before 12 weeks I refuse to be uncomfortable, but didn't get a proper bump till about 24 weeks

Biglieyoutold Fri 11-Dec-20 12:20:50

Think am starting to show now at 17 weeks. Third baby for me.
With my first, I was slim a size 6 and started showing immediately after I POAS grin

Shelby30 Fri 11-Dec-20 12:34:35

It cld be bloating maybe. I was going to say twins lol but see uv said it's not. I'm a size 6-8 and I'm 5ft2. I had a slight curve in my tummy about 16/17wks with first child but no actual bump until 20wks plus. Many ppl didn't realise I was pregnant until about 6/7 months. Felt a bit of a fraud at my 20wk scan 😂.

With my second I was showing much sooner or so I felt so anyway. I had a small bump at 18wks.

Moandy Fri 11-Dec-20 14:55:30

It'll be bloating. 19 weeks nearly with no2 and no bump. I didn't show until around 24 weeks with ds1.

swiftt Fri 11-Dec-20 15:09:36

I’ve got a little bump at 14+1. It’s solid to touch and there all day! It’s probably only noticeable to me though.

HappyDaze90 Fri 11-Dec-20 16:05:30

I’m 12+2. I’ve had a bit of a belly for a couple weeks but I think it’s just bloating more than anything else.
I’ve lost 11 pounds, which has all come from my legs or arms... I’m worried I’m going to have the figure of the Grinch soon enough 😂

Whyistheteacold Fri 11-Dec-20 16:30:32

I was a size 4-6 and started showing straight away to be honest! It's all bloating and just looked like I had a big meal until I was around 20 weeks. In the 3rd trimester I just seemed to balloon 🎈

isawthat Fri 11-Dec-20 16:32:27

I’m a size 8 and with my first pregnancy about 15 weeks, 2nd pregnancy about the same and 3rd about 11 weeks

RBaims Fri 11-Dec-20 23:32:51

I'm 12 weeks and the belly is all bloat for me. In the morning I'm fine, by lunchtime jeans are snug and by dinner I'm in tracksuit bottoms haha!
Peppermint tea helps a little but just one cup. I'm a size 8 and only gained 0.6lbs in the past few months. my husband said the other night ooo a little bump, I ended up crying explaining it was bloating. Yay hormones 😂

Moo678 Sat 12-Dec-20 07:09:33

First two babies around 16 wks I think. Baby 3 I was mat jeans at 13 wks but I don’t think anyone but me would have known. Fourth baby notable difference for me from 10 wks and not all of it bloat. Even though the baby is tiny I think your uterus still pushing everything upwards. I’m now 14 weeks and I’ve got a proper hard bump. I’ve not told a lot of people yet and I can see people at work eyeing me up!!

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