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JBacon Thu 10-Dec-20 06:40:33

I'm now 4 days late for my period and done 3 home test kits but al say negotiate. I've never missed a period before, if I was pregnant would the test definitely say pregnant? Or is there still a chance I can be pregnant?

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physicskate Thu 10-Dec-20 08:48:09

You probably just ovulated later than you normally do (or haven't ovulated this cycle). This will cause a delayed period or delayed positive test.

Very very common, even if not common for you.

Test weekly. See a gp if you miss a second or third period. They won't do much.

shelbyrae Thu 10-Dec-20 10:39:54

Tests are supposed to be 99 percent effective after your missed period but I have heard stories of people not testing positive until late so it's not impossible! But more likely you are just having a weird cycle! I was 5 days late randomly last cycle when normally I'm every 28 days exactly.

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