Thoughts on home birth ?

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xbabymamax Wed 09-Dec-20 13:34:23

I've been considering home birth I'm just wondering if anyone has done it before and if they'd recommend it? Just trying to weigh out the pros and cons x

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InTheFamilyTree Wed 09-Dec-20 13:40:21

I did with DC2 and it was great, sooo much better than first (long, drawn out labour meant I had no sleep for 2 or 3 nights, in hospital then eventually assisted delivery due to failure to progress).

With DC2 I did my research about birth, learned it didn't have to be a medicalised affair, where the women feels like an inanimate piece of meat. Instead I used hypnobirthing (would recommend this whatever route you go down, and I'm not a hippy earth mother at all), and was so much more relaxed at home, I didn't even need any pain relief.

InTheFamilyTree Wed 09-Dec-20 13:40:52

Is there anything particular that attracts you to HB?

unmarkedbythat Wed 09-Dec-20 13:41:34

Had two, was a very good decision. Had I been up for any more children I would have chosen home birth every time. I hate the hospital environment.

Twizbe Wed 09-Dec-20 13:50:11

I'd have loved one but DH wasn't keen.

My births are quick though and they've told me if I have a third to have a home birth. The way I've gone I wouldn't make it to hospital

BatmanBaby Wed 09-Dec-20 14:34:37

My births have been quick - but I was so glad I was in the hospital for my second birth, as despite a very good labour and delivery, I then suffered from a post-partum haemorrhage. Tbh I would never risk not being in the hospital (I'm very lucky that the midwife birthing unit is right next door to the labour ward at my hospital). You never know what may happen.

YummyInMyTummy Wed 09-Dec-20 14:38:51

I had a home birth for my second (wanted one for my first but he was late so had to go into hospital to have my waters broken). I would recommend it for sure!! I loved my home birth, it was amazing. Toddler went down for his nap, and when we woke he had a baby sister. My first birth was great, but the home birth was even better!


OnlyFoolsnMothers Wed 09-Dec-20 14:42:10

BatmanBaby exactly what happened to me.
First labour was “quick” and natural and the midwife almost convinced me to opt for a home birth for my second, so glad I didn’t as I bled out After and had a dr push my womb back up whilst 5 others took blood, stabbed my leg etc.

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