Overreacting? Possible heart problems?

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EllieJai44 Tue 08-Dec-20 10:35:28

So at 23 weeks pregnant I was referred to fetal medicine for a scan to check everything with baby and blood flow to see if there was any indication for potential growth problems due to my daughters growth tailing off at the end of the pregnancy....

During the scan the sonographer queried a deviation of the heart to the left and the consultant looked and agreed that it was but said it could be the angle they were looking at so they checked other bits and went back to the heart where the consultant said it looked okay, maybe a slight deviation but he considered it normal, so being told things were fine I took their word and carried on.

Had many growth scans but they don't look into anatomy just growth so nothing more said, until yesterday I had another appointment with fetal medicine to have another full check on baby due to him being just above 10th percentile

During this scan (same sonographer and consultant as first time) the sonographer straight away said about a deviation of the heart to the left, consultant looked again and agreed and then again they went back many times and by the end the consultant said he considered it normal again so I was told all was okay...

When I got home and looked at my notes I was given there is now an alert for neonatal to examine babys heart immediately after birth...this has made me worry, if everything was fine why the check when he's born? Why not a fuller check now before he's born?

I'm tempted to ask for a second opinion as both times it was the same consultant, am I in my right to do this? I am 100% asking what examination he will need when born but they never mentioned about this before I left the appointment!

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EllieJai44 Tue 08-Dec-20 12:05:01


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boymum88 Tue 08-Dec-20 12:19:38

Your more than within ur rights to ask for 2nd option, they should have told you that everything looks fine but we will get baby checked after birth and this is what they will do ..........
So maybe call or ask ur dr at next app what tests they plan on doing and what they are going to look for so u are prepared xx

EllieJai44 Tue 08-Dec-20 12:38:06

@boymum88 my midwife has suggested to ask at my next scan if they can see any cause for concern which is next Tuesday and then ask my consultant questions on next appointment also, think the biggest thing that worried was they said nothing about neonatal having to be involved when he's born, but now I'm worried if labour will affect him

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boymum88 Tue 08-Dec-20 12:45:33

I can understand why u are worried as they have left u with unanswered questions, it might just mean that they will get one of the baby doctors to come check baby before u r discharged, maybe do an echo ? Try not to worry which I know is hard, maybe write down any questions you want to ask down so you don't forget anything x

gretagreengrapes Tue 08-Dec-20 12:51:29

They put a neonatal alert on for so many things. I've got one for medication I take, so the baby is examined after birth. They can never say something is truly fine from an ultrasound but they should have said "we think it's ok but we will check again after birth", if they were worried they would have told you there and then. But be reassured it is not uncommon to have a neonatal alert at all!

StaceImpactWfan Tue 08-Dec-20 15:53:00

The alert will just be to make sure that baby is ok. My second had a vsd and we had to stay in for 24hrs so they could keep checking his heartrate etc. I wouldn't be too concerned if they aren't. It'll just be to make sure.

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