13 weeks pregnant and can’t stop burping

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Babyjune21 Mon 07-Dec-20 14:49:54

Belching in pregnancy it’s so bad that after every time I burp I throw up sometimes just a little some times lots I can’t stop burping , does anyone have any advice on how to make this stop Iv tried changing my diet but it hasn’t helped I’m miserable

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Edelweiss2020 Mon 07-Dec-20 16:04:50

Not sure how to help but I had this between weeks 10-12ish and it seems to have tailed off now, I’m currently 13+6.
Mine wasn’t to the extent of throwing up but was burping so often that it got frustrating/embarrassing.

Fingers crossed it stops for you soon smile

MnM156 Mon 07-Dec-20 23:31:23

I had this in the first trimester and it went away somewhere in the second trimester. It was horrible! I started drinking A LOT of water throughout the day and that helped a bit.

Serz88 Tue 08-Dec-20 00:00:32

I suffered terribly with bloating and gas (both ends) and constipation in the first trimester. Second one is so much better! Hang in there.
I found making sure I had a drink and something to eat even if a small amount as soon as I got up really helped. I was throwing up just at brushing my teeth at one point

swiftt Tue 08-Dec-20 07:37:10

I’m 13+5 and been burping like mad since the day I found out. It’s definitely getting worse, and it hasn’t made me throw up yet but I do get that feeling of ‘uh oh, I’m gonna be sick’ with some burps. I haven’t found anything that helps yet!

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