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morning sickness? how bad is bad

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katzguk Sat 23-Oct-04 17:38:36

currently i throw up for about 10-20 mins in the morning, drink a hot drink, throw that up and then most of the day i'm battling with nausea and sometimes retch. Today i then threw up my afternoon snack and drink, had dinner at about 5 which i then threw up, i still feel sick now and if its like last night it didn't go away until i fell asleep. i'm 6 weeks PG

i just about coped with sickness slightly less than this when PG wth DD but it only not nearly as bad at around 8weeks. The thought that it might get even worse is really beginning to panic me. i was sick up until 20weeks. Last time i was a studying so could make my own hours and DH was fab, but now i have a job, DD but DH is still being fab.

any suggestion gratefully recieved.

When is sickness considered to be above average? just wanted to gauge your opinions

almost40 Sat 23-Oct-04 18:57:12

Hi Katzguk, Sounds about as bad as I had it. I had it from week 6 to week 13 - throwing up constantly or feeling nausea the entire time. All I remember is that you have to eat/drink something even though you later throw it up because if you don't eat/drink, it's much worse. You should stay off any dairy. Also, you should try to drink whatever you can keep down - for me it was ginger ale and 7-Up - even though I don't drink sodas at all when I'm not pregnant. Also, eat whatever doesn't make you wretch. For me, it was saltine crackers, rice, soups, plain noodles. I know this isn't much help - just try to get through it and rest as much as you can. Good luck.

marthamoo Sat 23-Oct-04 19:03:44

katzguk, much sympathy (and congratulations!) - I was like that with ds1 (used to have to get off the bus on the way to work and throw up in litter bins). i was sick morning, noon and night. Mine ended at 4 months but it was awful while it lasted.

You need to keep an eye on your weight I think - and get to your GP if you think you are not keeping enough food down. Baby will be fine - parasite that it is! - but it's no good if you're fainting from hunger. A friend of mine had that very bad sickness (can't remember the name) and lost loads of weight in both her pregnancies - she ended up in hospital on a drip for a while

I had a little vial of ginger smelling stuff that an aromatherapy keen friend gave me - I used to sniff that when I was really nauseous. Ginger biscuits are also supposed to help. And my GP advised crunching Rennies but I couldn't face that. Extra strong mints helped though.

I know it's not much consolation but it's agood sign that things are going well - high levels of pg hormones!

Lonelymum Sat 23-Oct-04 19:03:48

I never had morning sickness, so maybe I am a wimp, but this sounds really bad. Do you really have to put up with this? Can't you get medication for it or is that a big no-no these days. The only thing I can say is, try to think of the wonderful baby you will have eventually. Not much to go on is it? That is what they say to you in labour and it never really helped me!

Lonelymum Sat 23-Oct-04 19:05:11

Too much morning sickness is called hyperemesis.

marthamoo Sat 23-Oct-04 19:07:01

Thanks, lonelymum!

Lonelymum Sat 23-Oct-04 19:08:37

Just looked it up in my medical encyclopaedia. Basically it seems there would be a problem if your sickness "cannot be relieved by a few simple measures" so if you think that applies to you, I would contact a doctor. BTW, congratulations!

katzguk Sat 23-Oct-04 19:23:42

thanks - at least i know i'm not unusual!! think i will just play it by ear for a couple of days if its still this bad then will see GP or try and see M/W early

laa Sat 23-Oct-04 19:26:05

You poor thing. I really empathise. I had terrible sickness with 2nd pregnancy and now again with my 3rd. I threw up and retched a few times each day, with a break bet. wks 24 and 30. I spoke to my GP cos this time I lost half a stone in the 1st trimester. I was told to not worry too much about keeping food down, but to worry if liquids didn't stay down for 24 hours. I got gastro-enteritis on top of this and ended up nearly in hospital, but instead I was given an anti-emetic. Wasn't that keen to try it, but was desperate and hadn't kept down water for nearly 48 hours. I would go and see your GP if it keeps on like this. It does sound very bad and I know I was utterly floored by this. I don't want to be a pessimist but in my experience nothing has helped my sickness except sleep. Food made me sicker, couldn't bear ginger but the acupressure bands did actually help take the edge off for a few wks. I found that they work when they are new and tight but when they get worn in and baggier they are less effective. I just bought a pair each week. I feel for you, I really do, and hope you start feeling better soon.

Dingle Sat 23-Oct-04 19:37:06

On a rather negative note [sorry emoticon] I was physically sick up to about 13 weeks with ds, my worst was about 15 times a day. I lost over a stone and because I wasn't even keeping water down , I did end up in hospital on a drip and having anti-sickness injections. This did stop the sickness but not really the nausea & as soon as I came out of hospital the vomiting started again!
With dd, I managed a bit better, only vomiting up to 8 times a day, but it lasted until 16 weeks. Still lost a stone but at least I avoided hospital.
I do think that is *fairly* unusual to be that bad but it is obviously important to keep up your fluids. Have you tried the anti-sickness bands? I don't know if they work-I was too frightened to take mine off, in case they were working!

katzguk Sat 23-Oct-04 19:56:26

okay have ordered some preggiepops - someone said they're good.

Had travel bands with DD like you dingle didn't take them off for fear of sickness getting worse. Can't find them at the mo so off to buy more tomorrow.

Any more suggestion will be gratefully recieved

Dingle Sat 23-Oct-04 20:16:44

I vaugely remember the midwife saying that B6 & B12 was suppose to help, don't take my word-try to find out more from somone in the know.
Like Laa, I couldn't stand the ginger, the smell in itself used to make me retch.
I think for me it was just keep eating little & often, weird but I think I developed a liking for salty things like crisps. To be honest I probably tried to eat things that took away that awful "metal" taste that just wouldn't go away.
Sorry no help really, I do sympathize for the way you are feeling, but it has already been said, it's those same hormones that are keeping your little buba safe.
Congrats, by the way.

katzguk Sun 24-Oct-04 08:55:53

bump for the sunday crowd

beckswith3 Sun 24-Oct-04 10:58:51

my morning sickness lasted all day with constant nausea. was trying to hide it from work as we were going through redunancy. Got so desperate I went down the homeopathic route and got some tablets, worked a treat, swear by them. Just go to you local health shop ( Holland and Barratt not that great) and they had a book and the different types of morning sickness and the type of tablets to take.Really did work.

SofiaAmes Sun 24-Oct-04 17:04:26

I threw up 4 or 5 times a day for the first 4 months of both my pregnancies and had nausea throughout the first 4 months inbetween when I was throwing up (I had shortlived fantasies that my 2nd pregnancy would be different from the first). However, I still managed to gain a stone during that period both times. I found that constantly having something in my stomach helped. I avoided all caffeine, spicy food, strong flavored food, acidy things, etc. etc. I stuck to things like potatoes, rice, bland things (kind of things you'd eat after having a tummy bug). My dh banned me from going out to restaurants because he said it was too expensive as I'd eat a meal, puke it up and then have to order another one because I was still hungry...

Personally I would grin and bear it (unless you are really losing weight and then you should talk to your gp). I seem to remember that thalidomide was orginally given as something to help with nausea during pregnancy. Although they don't really understand it, there is probably a good reason why your body is rejecting foods during the first trimester and as awful as it is, I would try not to introduce anything else to the mix. Just my opinion though. Talk to your gp.

zebra Sun 24-Oct-04 17:12:16

I think the only reason for morning sickness is Mother Nature checking whether you have enough reserves to handle not being able to forage for yourself when the baby comes.
And yes I know (& depsise) Profit's theories & I know she published with your dad, SA!
I was also about as sick as SofiaA...only I had definite (but relatively small) weight loss until about 14 weeks. I'm relatively slender to start with, too. Still, it's not really considered "bad" unless you get terribly dehydrated & have to be hospitalised. What helped me in part of 2nd & 3rd pregnancies was 50-100 mg of Vitamin B6 daily, I swear by it -- for me. But it doesn't work for everyone.

Charlotte Bronte died from dehydration to do with morning sickness, didn't she?

donnie Sun 24-Oct-04 18:14:32

hi Katzguk - commiserations. I too suffered from sickness 24/7 . I find dairy set me off but salty snax, esp hula hoops were better.Ginger tea didn't really do anything for me and nor did the travel bands but I think you should look at homeopathy after reading beckswith 3's post.I was worse roundabout weeks 4 - 10 though, puking constantly.The GP said unless I was unable to keep fluids down there was nothing I could do and it's just 'one of those things'.Not much help, sorry.All the old wive's tales say the worse the sickness the healthier the baby but I can't see it meself!

misdee Sun 24-Oct-04 18:20:25

I think they say its worse than normal if you cant keep anything down and become dehydrated. i know some days i cant a thing down. A good day for me is being sick jus the once. was hospitalised about a month ago due to hyperemesis, and i think that was worse than the being sick. had a drip set up, they measured my fluid intake and output and checked for ketone levels. was in for 3 nights in the end.

helsy Sun 24-Oct-04 21:29:06

Don't want to panic you, but you really need to be careful you don't become dehydrated or you may end up in hospital on a drip (I did, four times in one pregnancy!). I found that weak ginger tea made with grated fresh ginger and taken before lifting my head off the pillow in the morning(thanks to dh) was about the only thing that worked - and drinking lots of water in sips all day, even if I knew I'd throw some or most of it up! Porridge made with water sometimes stayed down, too. Travel bands just hurt my wrists. The midwife wasn't bothered about what I ate - anything you can hold down, basically. It should go at about 14 weeks, but if it doesn't it is copable with. I had it for the whole pregnancy - had the baby in May and now it's just a distant memory.

Roobie Sun 24-Oct-04 21:36:38

I haven't ried it personally but I kept seeing these tape things advertised in my NCT mag when I was last pregnant - seems a weird idea but the blurb does make it sound as though it could possibly work
If I was suffering as bad as you (I am currently 15 weeks pg) I would definitely give it a go.

Roobie Sun 24-Oct-04 21:38:36

Determined to get this link business to work.....bear with me
audio tape thingy

katzguk Mon 25-Oct-04 09:04:07

thanks for all your ideas and suggestions. In a way its nice to know that i'm not the only one who suffers this badly. I am going to try to take everyones advice but if it doesn't improve or worsens then i think i will seek medical help, don't want to end up as ill as with DD

katzguk Mon 25-Oct-04 09:05:42

just another quickie has anyone used reflexology to cure morning sickness?

welshmum Mon 25-Oct-04 09:10:55

Katzguk I posted this on the June thread too but just in case you don't see friend had acupuncture when her morning sickness was pretty severe and it worked almost overnight. If you live in London I have numbers for a midwife practitioner who is just lovely - obviously it's not going to work for everyone but might be worth a try. x

woodpops Mon 25-Oct-04 09:14:16

I was sick throughout both of my pregnancies. I found wearing travel sickness bands on my wrists helped ease it a little. I looked a plonker but I didn't care just as long as I didn't feel as sick. Plus I found ginger nibbles helped me alot. They sell them in Lakeland Limited. Hope you're feeling better soon.

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