19 weeks with #2 and no movement - should I worry?

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RMarieClaire Sun 06-Dec-20 18:18:55

Hi all: so sorry it's DC1 I didn't have definite movement till 23 weeks or so, but my placenta was on the front.

Thought I'd felt movement early this time - but now think it was gas as it's not really happened again.

I'm slim build, and my bump is huge - or feels it at least. Last heard the heartbeat at 17 weeks - all seemed fine. Scan in a week.

Should I worry? Anyone else had this?

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Queenbee95 Sun 06-Dec-20 18:29:32

With my 1st I felt movement at 18/19 weeks.
Second was anterior placenta and I didn’t feel movement until around 21 weeks.
Pregnant with 3rd and I’ve felt her from very early on, I’d say 13/14 weeks. Posterior placenta.
I wouldn’t worry just now, there’s still plenty of time to feel baby move x

choccychar Sun 06-Dec-20 18:45:19

I'm in the same boat actually and am secretly worrying but trying not to.
Im18weeks, thought I felt movements a few weeks ago but must've been wind as it hasn't kept happening. Heard heart beat two weeks ago so know all was ok then but just unnerving isn't it.
When is you 20 week scan? I'm holding out for that now for reassurance all is fine

Changeythenamey Sun 06-Dec-20 19:06:27

Hey ladies, I’m 19+4 and not felt anything of note so far. I’ve got an anterior placenta but I’m very worried.

Would we know if something was wrong? I haven’t had any bleeding or heavy pain. I have my scan on Tuesday. I’m just a teary mess.

ivfbeenbusy Sun 06-Dec-20 19:37:08

It's normal not to feel a pattern of movement for a weak more weeks and most hospitals will say it's really from 28 weeks onwards there you need to be thinking about patterns etc so you've got a few more weeks yet

booklover164 Sun 06-Dec-20 21:01:11

I didn't feel any movement with my second until I was about 22weeks. He was just a quiet little thing. If you're worried then call your midwife.

anothernc4you Sun 06-Dec-20 21:07:19

I had this! Anterior placenta with no1, was worrying so much then it was like I hit 20 weeks and I can feel obvious movements now. I put it down to having less time to chill and think about it second time round with working full time and a toddler!


Greyhoundgirly Mon 07-Dec-20 07:30:34

I just literally came online to start my own thread about this!! Am 19 weeks with dc2 and can't feel anything yet. I couldn't at this stage with dc1 so I wasn't feeling anxious but my stupid pregnancy ap told me 'you should be feeling movements now'!! Argh! I'm sure it's all fine but it's just that niggle in the back of your mind, isn't it... confused

CheeseandWine91 Mon 07-Dec-20 10:40:58

I'm 20 weeks tomorrow and have been told I have anterior placenta so am yet to feel movements. I have felt what I think might have been quickening, but as this is my first baby I have no idea what I am meant to be feeling! Heard heartbeat last week so think I am just being a bit over anxious.

Lsquiggles Mon 07-Dec-20 10:50:23

I didn't feel anything until 20 weeks which I think is quite common, I wouldn't worry smile

RMarieClaire Tue 08-Dec-20 09:41:03

Thanks everyone - this is so reassuring. I've felt much more relaxed this pregnancy, but anxiety about this took me by surprise this week. Hopefully scan next week will put me at ease!

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Changeythenamey Tue 08-Dec-20 15:35:57

Hi ladies, my scan was today and all was well. She was bouncing about and kicking the placenta loads. Sonographer booked me in for a scan at 32 weeks to check position of the placenta but wasn’t overly worried.

RMarieClaire Thu 10-Dec-20 22:21:47

@Changeythenamey - that's great news! Hopefully all positive for us too the. smile

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choccychar Sun 27-Dec-20 20:21:50

@RMarieClaire have you felt the baby more now?! I've just read my pregnancy app and it said I should have been feeling baby for a few weeks by now....I feel a few movements (like a flutter once a day) but that's literally it.... am I the only one?!
Merry Christmas all, hope it's been a good one

RMarieClaire Mon 28-Dec-20 20:23:44

Hi @choccychar - yes I am feeling some kicks now. No real rhythm to it, but fairly noticeable.

Is this your first? With my first I felt nothing for ages! Very normal. With your second I'd heard rumors you can feel them crazy early, but apparently not for me. Weird because I'm huuuge!

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