Any pregnant women had covid?

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Nazz10 Sat 05-Dec-20 19:36:02

Super anxious first time mum. I'm 22 weeks on Tuesday and worried about getting covid (all getting very close to home).
Has anyone had covid? How many weeks were you and what was your experience with symptoms?

I'm also worried that I'll be going into my third trimester soon without having it. It's supposed to be worse in the third trimester isn't it? More complications etc?

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Bluebell100 Sat 05-Dec-20 19:47:07

Not experienced it myself as not pregnant and not had COVID, but a close friend of mine is pregnant. She got COVID in her 1st trimester and experienced very mild symptoms. Headaches, bit of a temperature and minor cough. This went away within 5 days or so after a bit of bed rest and paracetamol etc, although she did say her morning sickness was a little more intense than her first pregnancy, unsure if this is related or not though. She’s fine now and in her 2nd trimester. I know it might not help you as she was early on in her pregnancy, but I do think it depends on your age and health etc. If you don’t mind saying how old are you? I’m sure you’ll be okay, as long as you keep following the guidelines and keep yourself safe. Wishing you all the best flowers

OverTheRainbow88 Sat 05-Dec-20 19:49:17

Friend had it at 36 weeks all ok and baby born now and healthy
Friend had it had 15 weeks; no symptoms, routinely tested at work

Nazz10 Sat 05-Dec-20 19:50:50

@Bluebell100 thank you for that. That's reassuring. I am in my mid 20s and have no underlying health conditions that I know of so hopefully will be ok. I did read on another forum that a woman in her third trimester ended up with a blood clot on her lung and had to have an elective Caesarian at 38 weeks. The worry and anxiety it causes me is unreal 😔

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Nazz10 Sat 05-Dec-20 19:51:25

@OverTheRainbow88 🙏🏼 thank you for this!!

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Bluebell100 Sat 05-Dec-20 19:58:22

@Nazz10 bless you, I do understand how anxious you must be especially as a first time mum. I’m sure what happened to that woman was a very rare occurrence and that’s a devastating thing to happen.. but you’re young and sound in good health so I’m sure you’ll be fine. Keep positive, I know it’s so hard right now and it’s so normal to be worried during pregnancy at the best of times. Take care flowers

Nazz10 Sat 05-Dec-20 20:34:21

Thanks so much @Bluebell100 you're right. I'm sure I'll be fine. I just kind of want to get it out of the way now so I can relax a little

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88bowie Sat 05-Dec-20 20:56:18

Sorry do u mean that you want to get covid to get it out of the way ? There is no evidence that if you've had it once you can't get it again ( I work with doctors that have tested positive more than once ). And if you did catch it and was lucky and only had mild system you may not be so lucky the next time.
Just be sensible social distance wash your hands and follow the rules
Try and enjoy ur pregnancy and ur baby, I know it's crap at the min but it won't be for Eva x

PFin Sun 06-Dec-20 02:32:51

I tested positive for COVID during my first trismester. Honestly just thought I had a cold, I could smell and taste and had no cough or fever, the things they say to look out for. Someone I had been in contact with tested positive tho so to be safe I got tested. A positive result the next morning shocked me. But i did as advised and was over it in a week. I had headaches, a usual pregnancy symptom of mine but they where defo made worse by covid. I also developed a bit of a cough and with being pregnant and a bit sicky a few coughing fits made me throw up easier. Was also very tired but apart from that it was fine, not ideal but i got through. Would say I had it mild tho but im young and healthy so I wouldnt be in an at risk group apart from being pregnant. Just stick to guidelines, hygiene, mask and distancing rules and you'll be fine. Try not to stress.

Helenknowsbest Sun 06-Dec-20 07:16:36

I'm 24 weeks and think me and my husband came down with it a month ago. Very bad cough, laboured breathing, cold like symptoms. Unfortunately, a month later and I still have a really bad cough and my husband is still struggling to breath a little. Not like us to fall ill. Guess we'll never know

LobsterRavioli Sun 06-Dec-20 07:33:16

I had my positive Covid and pregnancy result on the same day.

Currently 14 weeks and part of a Covid Cap study with other women affected to measure impact.

elfran Sun 06-Dec-20 11:53:28

I'm not sure if I've had it or not - DH had a positive test when I was 23 weeks and we obviously isolated together; I did a postal test after his positive but the results were either lost or inconclusive, I never heard back.

I felt off for maybe 24 hrs, then more or less fine. So not sure if I did have it with minimal symptoms, or I somehow managed to avoid (seems unlikely given that I didn't distance from DH at all before or after his test). In any case, my midwife wasn't worried at all and at 29 weeks my baby is doing perfectly fine in there!

Lynnen86 Sun 06-Dec-20 12:37:25

Hi, I’m new here. I’ve just found out I’m roughly 4 weeks pregnant (really early I know). Anyway, I’m already a mum to 8 boys, never experienced morning sickness with any of them but this time round I feel terrible. I’ve not actually been sick but boy have I been close. I’m struggling to eat because I’m constantly bloated and feeling sick.
Can anyone suggest anything to me out?
I’m clueless on what I can try to ease the feeling.
I’m absolutely starving

belle365 Sun 06-Dec-20 19:47:55

I was 29 weeks when i tested positive. I also have a high bmi and gestational diabetes so i was terrified i would end up really poorly.

I was absolutely fine, i’d been feeling a bit rough the days before i took a test but thought it was just general pregnancy symptoms. I only thought it was covid when i lost my taste and smell.

I know everyone is different but try not to worry. Just keep up with hand washing, social distancing etc

MummyLE Sun 06-Dec-20 20:06:03

I had COVID at 11/12 weeks. Felt like a flu to me - still have no sense of smell or taste though!

I wouldn’t worry about getting it going into your third trimester though. My sister in law’s friend had it before she gave birth and baby was completely healthy!

Nazz10 Sun 06-Dec-20 20:51:12

Thank you so much everyone. You've all made me feel better about it all so thank you! And I hope you have all have a happy and healthy pregnancy and birth! 👣 👶🏼

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Essexgirlupnorth Sun 06-Dec-20 20:57:01

A friend tested positive for covid when she went into hospital to deliver her baby she had no symptoms they just routinely swab everyone.

Mimiwish Mon 07-Dec-20 14:32:52

@Nazz10 - you sound just like me.

I'm now 33 weeks and I AM worried about getting it in the third trimester. You're actually the first person I've encountered other than me who seems worried about this - so thank you smile I feel less crazy!
My doctor told me that women really only tend to get complications with it in the third trimester, which was great in early pregnancy, but does burden me now and I do find it stressful, and a real worry to think about: I just want to meet my baby and for us both to be safe. Some of us are more predisposed to worrying flowers - and this truly is a stressful time to be pregnant (for some of us!).
I really hope you find a way to cope with the anxiety etc and I really relate to this fear - - though I must say it's great to hear that it's not been such a problem for those that have shared their experience of it.


Nazz10 Tue 08-Dec-20 20:26:29

@Mimiwish oh I'm so glad I'm not the only one either!! These comments have been really helpful though and I've now relaxed a little because I've been telling myself that, if there was a 'serious' risk then I think we would know about it. The RCOG website have lots of reassuring information which really helped.

I think it's important though that we try and enjoy our pregnancies while also being careful and sensible.
Wishing you all the best 💐

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VisionsofJohanna Tue 08-Dec-20 20:40:30

I had it at 34 weeks in March. Was ill for a week. Baby born absolutely fine at 41 weeks. My residual cough did last a few months but was annoying rather than painful, and had an antibody test in October which was still positive!
The RCOG has great info online, as you say. Wishing you a healthy and happy rest of your pregnancy smile

RBaims Fri 11-Dec-20 23:53:34

Two friends had it when pregnant. One had it whilst giving birth. Mum and baby are fine but she just felt a little breathless when pushing, they gave her oxygen and delayed one or two pushes. Prior to labour she had a deep cough and sore throat.
My other friend is in her third trimester now, and was just a really bad cold to her, she is all good now and so is baby as she went for a private scan worried all the coughing may have done damage.
Both early 30s

AnneBC Tue 12-Jan-21 14:25:36

Hello, I recently had COVID over Christmas, luckily very mild symptoms - just a blocked nose at 27 weeks pregnant (early 30s, no underlying health conditions). My partner had more of the typical 'COVID cough' but has also now recovered.

The maternity weren't too concerned as I was told there is little direct risk to the baby unless Mum gets very poorly.

JustCuriousToday Tue 12-Jan-21 14:27:15

I've had it in the last week, 36/37 weeks pregnant. I had to miss a couple of appointments but I did them over the phone, other to that I've been absolutely fine.

Nazz10 Tue 12-Jan-21 18:29:42

Thanks all!
Well my partner ended up getting it 2 weeks before Christmas. Self isolated in a room because he didn't want to give it to me (I had a test after he tested positive and mine was negative). I never ended up getting it (or any symptoms). I was with him for the 48 hours before the symptoms started and 48 hours after he started feeling unwell which is supposed to be the most contagious time! So god knows how I avoided getting it!

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