My waters have gone!

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IsItNearlyTime91 Sat 05-Dec-20 14:24:52

My waters have just gone! They poured out of me when I stood in the bathroom (sorry TMI!) then have continued to trickle out, I've had to replace my pad 20 minutes later.

I've still not had a single contraction though - what happens now, do I just wait?! They were completely clear. Thank you!

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happylittlechick Sat 05-Dec-20 14:28:26

Phone the maternity ward. You'll most likely need to be monitored

FestiveChristmasLights Sat 05-Dec-20 14:30:47

I agree about calling the maternity unit as they will want to either check you over or arrange for you to come in at a specific time because of the risk of an infection if you don’t go into labour now our waters have broken.

I think it took me a couple of hours for mild cramps after my waters broke, and they then became contractions. Good luck.

sunset900 Sat 05-Dec-20 14:34:09

This happened to me and I was booked for a home birth so the midwife came out and checked. Said I would have to go into hospital in 24 hours if still not in established labour. Contractions didn't really start until early hours of the following morning. I did go into hospital the next day and it all started properly whilst I was there and I had DS the night after my waters broke.

Goneback2school Sat 05-Dec-20 14:37:46

That happened me and the pais started about an hour later. I'd ring the ward for advice. Good luck!

Queenbee95 Sat 05-Dec-20 14:50:08

Good luck!

Ismellphantoms Sat 05-Dec-20 15:06:47

Three hours from waters gushing everywhere to labour starting.


ChateauMargaux Sat 05-Dec-20 15:15:04

Good luck!! To minimise the risk of infection it is best to avoid internal examinations before labour is established.

Labour is very likely to begin in the next 48 hours but they might want you in hospital once 24 hours are up.

IggyAce Sat 05-Dec-20 15:39:14

Contact maternity ward. With dc1 my waters went just after midnight, contractions began around 10 hours later and they arrived before 3pm. Good Luck.

Superscientist Sat 05-Dec-20 15:51:45

Contact triage. My waters went before labour, I called triage and they had me in for a check up. They wanted to confirm my waters had gone (the puddle I left on their bed was sufficient so they didn't need to do an exam!). They put me on monitoring to check baby was OK and to see if I was starting to have contractions. They offered me a sweep but they decided it wasn't necessary as the monitoring showed I was having contractions. They penciled in an induction for 24h after my waters had gone due to the risk of infection and arranged a phone call to ckeck on progress at 18h Post waters breaking. None of this was necessary as baby was born within 12h of my waters breaking.

Only wear shoes/socks you don't mind leaking on! I found I had another gush of water whenever I stood up after sitting for a little while! E.g on the car journey to the hospital, I think I left a trail to the maternity unit...

IsItNearlyTime91 Sun 06-Dec-20 13:12:55

Thank you very much all - baby was delivered safely at 10pm last night, 8 hours after my waters went ☺️

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Whenwillow Sun 06-Dec-20 13:14:04

Congratulations flowers

Sexnotgender Sun 06-Dec-20 13:14:55

Congratulations flowers

Ismellphantoms Sun 06-Dec-20 13:28:53


Pet8 Sun 06-Dec-20 13:29:45

Congratulations thanks

Queenbee95 Sun 06-Dec-20 13:40:47


sodabreadjam Sun 06-Dec-20 13:43:49

How lovely! Congratulations. flowers

PopsicleHustler Sun 06-Dec-20 13:45:55



IggyAce Tue 08-Dec-20 14:09:45


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