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Becs14 Tue 01-Dec-20 11:40:50

Hi everyone, had a very stressful night and today. We had a 20 weeks scan last night, we have family history of cystic fibrosis and both me and partner were due to be tested anyway, last night everything was healthy and fine up until they got to the bowel. The first sonographer wasn't sure so called for help and they said there was a bit of brightness on the bowel and because of the family history of CF they would refer us to a consultant. They were depating this for a bit but sent us. Well after speaking to the consultant about all the possibilities I left absolutely terrified. I've had blood tests today for CF and infection and my boyfriend is having his CF test this week. We have to wait a few weeks now for results. My tests for downs and others were low risk at the start of pregnancy as well. Have read that most babies with this are born healthy and that it's mostly to do with them swollowing blood. Has anyone else had this experience? Thank you

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Becs14 Tue 01-Dec-20 16:09:25

If anyone has been through something I'd be very grateful to hear. Thanks

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bathorshower Tue 01-Dec-20 16:19:05

A friend had this come up at her 20 week scan. She was scanned every 2 weeks; the brightness faded with time, and the child (now aged 10) was born healthy. So it certainly can be nothing to worry about, but I obviously can't diagnose what's going on with your little one.

MrsMDD Tue 02-Mar-21 20:41:30

Hi Bex im sorry you had to go through this. Can I ask how you got on or what happened next? I've just had this happen at my 20 week scan today (21+1) said everything else was fine until they got to the bowel. Exact same as you said it could be from swallowing blood but could be CF too. Back in a week for another scan but no blood tests were done. As far as we know CF isn't in the family but it could still be I suppose.

3rdtimemomma Tue 02-Mar-21 20:53:41

I had this.... was a petrifying 4 day wait for a scan with fetal medicine.

When we got there to see the consultant, he said there was actually NO echogenic bowel at all. It can just show this was sometimes due to the screens / machines/ lighting
On the screens and other various factors - scariest 4 days of my life and I was in a state.

Ours turned out to be nothing. It wasn't the "brightest" but it was slightly showing signs of brightness.

I hope your outcome is positive x

Northernsoullover Tue 02-Mar-21 20:55:38

Yes, my son was fine but it was incredibly stressful. His father had the CF gene but I don't.

JaniceBattersby Tue 02-Mar-21 21:03:13

I had this at my 20 week scan with my second. We were both screened and my husband had one of the CF gene variants they tested for. I didn’t (but of course they can’t test for them all).

It was terrifying but he was born a strapping, healthy 10lber and is now 8.

Everything crossed for you OP.


Gigi789 Tue 02-Mar-21 21:05:04

@Becs14 how are things now?
We had a mystery echogenic bowl seen at 20week scan, very bright lower portion, and as you have, we had to see a specialist fortnightly. No other markers so consultant not overly concerned (although we were thinking the worst) All was well but interestingly my child has often suffered from constipation so I’m sure his bowel was just immature. Keeping everything crossed you have a similar outcome.

reimah Tue 02-Mar-21 23:49:33

Hello OP

My scan has shown an Ecco bowel at 20 weeks.
Was scanned again 28 weeks later and it resolved itself.
Ask for a rescan x

MrsMDD Wed 03-Mar-21 08:31:18

I know im not the OP I just bumped the thread up but thanks for the reassurance ny nerves are gone. Another week to wait for another scan thinking the worst but trying not too.

Becs14 Wed 03-Mar-21 12:32:50

Hi, I am now nearly 34 weeks and this was very stressful at the time but since then we have had very positive feedback. We had an appointment at the Fetal medicine unit in Cardiff and the consultant was very positive saying that most of the time this is nothing and it resolves itself. It could be that the baby has swallowed some blood and most of the time that is what it is. The consultant did go through other things it could be because he had to. We had the scan and he confirmed a mild echogenic bowel. But we left there feeling optimistic after talking to the consultant. After what felt like ages, we finally had a negative result for an infection and although my partner carries the CF gene, I do not. They tested me for more genes and came back negative. So they gave us a 1% chance of baby having CF but the consultant was still very positive everything would be ok the second time we saw him. At the second appointment the baby was growing well, which could be another thing with the bright bowel so they weren't concerned about that and he said we didn't have to come back again, but to still have scans at my local hospital to keep an eye.
I had a low lying covering placenta as well so don't do anything by halves!!
Since then I've had two more scans at my local hospital and baby is growing really well and one sonographer said she couldn't really see that the bowel was that bright and another said they only really comment on the bowel if it is as bright as the bone and it was not. So again positive news.
I've read a lot of stories on here and most of the time it is nothing and the outcome is positive and that has helped me a lot.
Try not to worry, even though it is impossible I know. Most of the time it turns out to be nothing. But they are great at the Fetal medicine units and really put your mind at ease.

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MrsMDD Thu 04-Mar-21 22:22:49

@Becs14 thank you so much for the detailed reply. Im back for another scan on Tuesday. Im really hoping its as you say. They didn't say anything about testing or any other tests and said just wait and see how Tuesday goes. Ill report back and let you know. Thanks again and best of luck in the rest of your pregnancy xx

1stTimerMCR Sat 05-Jun-21 18:55:13

Hi this is so similar on our journey, we’ve just had our 20 week scan this Thursday & EB was found-everything else OK, encouraging to hear real life experiences & to know we’re not alone. I’ve spoke to the midwife, but feel I still have so many questions and I don’t want to put any undue stress on the baby & myself when all could be fine!! Also struggling with what to tell people, everyone’s asking how things are & at the moment just pretending all is OK, as I can’t be bothered explaining! Nice to have mumsnet for an anonymous rant! I’ve only managed to speak to a couple of friends about it, I had to keep it from my family, as their worrying would stress me out!!! My partner & I have had screening for the CF gene, there’s no history in our family’s (&his family is huge, so likely it would have been caught) having a Doppler scan to get the plancenta blood flow in 3 weeks & have had a torch blood test to check for infection. The only other thing to try and rule out is Downs, but we last screening came back low risk (1/44k) so not sure whether to pay for the NIPT, we could do with saving the money for Mat leave, and I’m unsure of the accuracy (nothing is conclusive is it!!) and I really do not fancy the amnio due to the risks attached. Anybody have any advice for opting for the NIPT, I have read a few forums, & most people’s worries seem to be around CF & we have tested for that (it’s just a waiting game now) Also, any advice on how to cope mentally, should we prepare for the worst or try and enjoy this time? I was previously really enjoying being pregnant, and I just feel a little dampener has been put on things. Ooh and one final thing, obviously I am really hoping the EB was caused by blood in the amniotic fluid, I have a fibroid, I was wondering anyone has heard there are any links to fibroids & EB or internal bleeding? I hope some one reads this! Sorry it’s so long!

Becs14 Sat 05-Jun-21 22:13:43

Hi, sorry that you're going through this stress. I know exactly how you feel. I really didn't want to explain to people too so we only told close family and my closest friend. My little boy is 6 weeks tomorrow and after all the worry which did put a dampener on the pregnancy the echogenic bowel has turned out to be nothing.
We were told that he needs to poo when he's born and to be checked over by a senior paediatrician. He pooed as soon as he came out and nothing was picked up. Cf was our main worry because my partners cousin has it and my partner carries it but the heel prick test he had at 5 days old came back clear too. It's hard to believe at the time but this most of the time turns out to be nothing. Most likely the baby has swollowed blood. We haven't been told what caused the brightness but everything has turned out positive.
We had a low risk for downs so didn't have extra testing and I decided against the amnio. We saw fetal medicine twice which were really reassuring. The consultant said its likely nothing and he was right.
I would stick to forums like this for positive stories, because there are many and try and keep positive and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy. Good luck with everything x

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1stTimerMCR Sat 05-Jun-21 22:58:03

Thanks so much for the reply, I am so glad everything is all right for you now. This has been such a help, I have a feeling I’m going to be reaching out to mumsnet a lot! Usually I am laid back, relaxed person, what will be, will be and all that. But this has been tough, My best friend told me no pregnancy is without worry, and even if you do get lucky, there’s always going to be something to worry about! Suppose I better get used to it, but going to try and not let stress take over xx

MariaSL Sat 26-Jun-21 10:47:51

Hi @Becs14 currently going through a very tough pregnancy where LO is presenting a persistent echogenic patch in bowel. Every story I read they seem to resolve but ours hasn’t and it’s very tough. Was yours visible until term?

Becs14 Sat 26-Jun-21 12:51:52

Hia, sorry to hear that you're having a stressful pregnancy. I felt the same as you. But yes we had the bright bowel throughout the pregnancy, and if anything it had got a bit worse because it had dilated at 36 weeks aswell. We were told when he was born he needed to poo and be checked over straight away by a senior paediatrician. He pooed as soon as he was born and then was checked over and everything seemed fine. He's 9 weeks this weekend and thriving atm, pooping all the time 😅 and putting on weight well. Nothing else was mentioned about the bowel being bright then. So don't worry, I think a lot are bright throughout but nothing came of ours. How far along are you? Good luck!

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Dinosaurus86 Thu 08-Jul-21 15:42:15

It's good to hear some positive stories about this, as we are currently in the excruciating waiting period for further investigation. How far along are you @MariaSL?

MariaSL Mon 12-Jul-21 10:05:57

Hi all, son was born absolutely perfect. Passing meconium and urine just fine, no one can see what the cause of the echogenic bowel was throughout pregnancy but it doesn’t seem to have been an issue at all. Hoping this is reassuring to those in the same boat, I saw every case online say theirs resolved several weeks after while ours continued. Don’t let make you think there will be something causing yours - it’s all okay

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