Nub guesses

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buntingandstarcharts Tue 01-Dec-20 08:41:09

Hi everyone. We would love to know whether we are expecting a girl or a boy. If anyone can see a nub and take a guess then I'd be super grateful. So excited smilesmile

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buntingandstarcharts Tue 01-Dec-20 20:16:16

Anyone at all?

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Bogardicia Tue 01-Dec-20 20:29:27

Confident girl!

buntingandstarcharts Wed 02-Dec-20 12:08:44

Thank you @Bogardicia 😍

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Evey43 Wed 02-Dec-20 14:40:29

I’d say girl too xx

Willowfalls Wed 02-Dec-20 15:03:56

I’d say girl!

buntingandstarcharts Sun 13-Dec-20 21:11:35

Thanks to those who commented 😊 I will find out in ten days so will report back x

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DandyLyon Sun 13-Dec-20 21:13:07

Sure this is a girl!

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