Early signs of labour or something else?

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MaverickDanger Mon 30-Nov-20 23:10:51

I’m the same at 37+6, feel quite migrainey and just off generally.

Every twinge is making me wonder & doubt!

Nsky Mon 30-Nov-20 23:03:46

Could be, time will tell

IsItNearlyTime91 Mon 30-Nov-20 22:47:12

I'm 37+5 and have been feeling really 'off' today. I've felt so tired and sluggish all day and have had a headache, similar to how I felt in the first trimester. I also feel nauseous. This evening I came to bed and had an hour and a half nap before dinner!

I've been feeling a lot of pressure in my pelvis for a week or so. It really feels like baby is pressing down.

Am I just having an off day or can this be the start?

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