30 weeks and feel ready to be done with work already

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BloodyColdEgg Mon 30-Nov-20 10:16:40

I am so so tired, barely sleeping due to sciatica & constantly needing the loo, and can't focus at all.

My work, whilst office based, is pretty fast paced and stressful particularly at this time of year and I am struggling so much. I just cannot get into it anymore. I'm so fed up.

I'm WFH and keep wanting to nip off for naps!


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JustAnotherUserinParadise Mon 30-Nov-20 14:51:59

Eugh yes... 28+4 today and so ready to be done!

ivfbeenbusy Mon 30-Nov-20 15:07:15

I'm 28+1 today with twins - my resting heart rate is now about 90 and just walking up the stairs it spikes to 120. Financially I need to work as close as possible to my due date and it helps I'm working from home but I took an extra long lunch hour today to have a snooze and to be honest don't feel like I've achieved much today. I'm just desperate to get the next 3 weeks out of the way abs then have a 2 week break for Xmas

user1471518119 Mon 30-Nov-20 16:32:05

I'm 32 weeks and exhausted permanently, can't sleep properly so losing focus at work. It's also the busiest time of the year and I'm planning to work until 39 weeks which feels so far away ...

You're not alone wink

sarahb083 Mon 30-Nov-20 18:56:29

I'm 30+2 and feel exactly the same. I'm tired, uncomfortable, and so ready to be done. I've eased off work a bit and it's helped.

MaryShelley1818 Mon 30-Nov-20 21:40:53

I'm 30wks on Friday, I'm on Annual Leave next week, then finishing the week after at 32weeks.
I've got 4weeks Annual Leave (luckily over Christmas so have stretched it out) then starting Mat Leave at 36wks and should be induced at 37wks.
I absolutely can't wait, I'm really struggling to stay motivated! Xx

serialplanner Mon 30-Nov-20 21:49:26

I'm so with you and I'm only 25+2shock

Thank goodness Christmas will hopefully speed it up for all of us.

I'm finishing at 36 weeks and you 39 weekers are absolute heros!

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