12 week scan tomorrow... sick with nerves

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swiftt Mon 30-Nov-20 07:06:22

I know this is probably super common but I have my 12 week scan tomorrow and I feel absolutely sick with nerves and worry. I’ve been feeling so much better for the past couple of weeks, which has put the idea of something being wrong in my head. Had private scans at 7 and 9 weeks where all was okay, but I still can’t shake this feeling. I know there’s nothing I can do to change what happens, I’m just feeling so nervous and looking for a virtual handhold I guess. blush

How did you feel before your 12 week scan?

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NoNarniaBecauseLipstick Mon 30-Nov-20 07:21:41

flowers I get you OP. I was actually signed off work with stress at about 10 weeks because I was so anxious. I’d had previous losses and I found it really hard to be positive. However, everything was OK,, my daughter is perfect, and I found the anxiety got better as my pregnancy went along.

It can be a worrying time, but the likelihood with the earlier scans being fine is that all will be well. Wishing you all the best.

HappyDaze90 Mon 30-Nov-20 08:05:44

Hey, I have my 12 week scan in a fortnight and know exactly how you feel. My symptoms recently started to ease up and I couldn’t shake the feeling something wasn’t right and I would find out at the scan. However, I asked the lovely ladies of MN and have been reassured symptoms can come and go and often around this time they can ease up completely.
I know it’s the hardest thing ever, but try not to worry or stress yourself too much. I’m sure everything will be fine.

All the best for tomorrow 💕

swiftt Mon 30-Nov-20 10:24:25

Thanks ladies. Just one more sleep.

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Lucy830 Mon 30-Nov-20 10:29:46

I felt exactly the same.

If anybody mentioned the scan, my stomach would drop.

When I got into the scan the first think I saw was just black, nothing there-panic. The lady scanning then said ‘well done, you’ve got a full bladder’, moved the probe and then I got to see my baby.

I think everybody worried about this to some degree.

I hope all goes well tomorrow and try and relax today.

Lucy830 Mon 30-Nov-20 10:30:17


MimiDaisy11 Mon 30-Nov-20 11:31:25

I have my 12-week scan tomorrow too! Luckily it's in the morning so I'll get it over with soon without worrying all day. So don't have any advice but just to say I'm also a bit nervous. I've not had any private scans so it'll be the first time checking out what's going on.


Suprised2020 Mon 30-Nov-20 13:05:12

Hey ladies, I'm the same.. 1st pregnancy and this scan feels like its taking forever to get here.. ive had hypermesis so have had 3 scans now but can't help feeling like something is going to be wrong and it's really stopping me getting excited.. I feel clueless about what to expect or what they will say good or bad.
Happy to chat

MsFrog Mon 30-Nov-20 13:11:45

It can be so nerve wracking waiting for your 12 scan. Be reassured that a heartbeat seen at 8 weeks means 98% chance of a healthy baby, and a heartbeat at 10 weeks is 99.4% chance (from The Miscarriage Association website). So seeing a heartbeat at 9 weeks is a great sign, OP. Stay calm, not long to go now.

swiftt Tue 01-Dec-20 08:53:57

@MimiDaisy11 good luck today! I’m on annual leave so feel like I’ve got a super long morning ahead of me, my scan is at 12.

@Suprised2020 the good thing is I haven’t really spoken to anyone who wasn’t nervous so it must be normal haha! When’s your scan?

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Suprised2020 Tue 01-Dec-20 09:13:33

@swiftt its a week on Friday so will 12+5 from the
EPU scan.. its going so slow

MimiDaisy11 Tue 01-Dec-20 12:43:57

@swiftt Thanks! Hope yours went well too smile

swiftt Tue 01-Dec-20 13:25:22

It was absolutely fine! What a relief!

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MyristicaFragrans Tue 01-Dec-20 16:10:59

Great news smile

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