Anyone can relate?

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Bigboxoftoys Sun 29-Nov-20 18:00:48

I have got myself into a right pickle and worrying myself sick imagining all sorts of unhealthy scenarios. I am so scared to lose this baby.
I felt my tummy isn’t growing much so I went to a private scan today and I measured 14+2 instead of the 15 weeks which I should be according to my NHS dating scan.
The sonographer wasn’t worried and said everything looks good and it could just be that I am carrying small. But I am so worried, that’s a big fall behind the days isn’t it?
The thing is I have had a previous early scan at this same place and according to that scan I should at least be 15+4 so that puts me even further behind.
Anyone had this happen to them? I am so worried. sad

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anniebu Sun 29-Nov-20 18:43:47

Babies grow in spurts! Also you may just have a small baby. It is not behind, but rather developing normally, just in a smaller size. There is a great variance in baby sizes, and the more weeks you are, the greater the variance.

Bigboxoftoys Mon 30-Nov-20 08:16:10

Thank you for your message! Although I would think that growth will differ in the later stages and not at this gestation?

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anniebu Mon 30-Nov-20 10:25:20

It differs from the very beginning, but in the first weeks the embryos are too tiny to be measured with accuracy so this difference doesn't show much. But as weeks go by there is more and more difference, as you can see from this graph. At your gestation, measuring a week behind or ahead of the mean CRL is actually within the norm for different sized fetuses.

Bigboxoftoys Mon 30-Nov-20 10:37:50

Thank you so much, you have been really helpful with your explanations.
My last child did have growth issues as she was born just under 5 pounds and we were under the fetal medicine unit throughout. My placenta started started failing around 33 weeks. My first child was also small but not too small as he was just over 6 pounds.
I am worried as it seems early for the growth to be falling behind. With my last child, the consultant did say that I seem to be making small babies so I take reassurance from that. I have a midwife appointment this week so will discuss these with her as I need to start the baby aspirin again I think if I am heading for another small baby.

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JustAnotherUserinParadise Mon 30-Nov-20 14:51:28

I thought they only did dating by length measurements at 12 week scans because after that it varies too much to be accurate?

Bigboxoftoys Mon 30-Nov-20 15:23:09

The dating doesn't change from the NHS scan. Only the measurements seemed to be behind.

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