When did your Sickness start x

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mollieangel123 Sun 29-Nov-20 15:18:21

Hey girls just a general question I'm about 6weeks and 4 days was wondering how your sickness started I have it soooo severe on a night I havnt been sick just yet but the nausea is the worst Iv ever had.

I did have sickness with my boy but never like this

So just for fun I was wondering did you guess the sex of the baby by your sickness? And was it different from your previous pregnancies xx

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ladymary86 Sun 29-Nov-20 15:34:08

Currently pregnant with DC3.
First two I suffered with a bit of nausea (a DD and a DS).
Like you, I've never experienced nausea like what I have during this pregnancy and it started before 6 weeks. I'm 12 weeks today and still suffering a bit but the last 6 weeks have been utter hell.

mollieangel123 Sun 29-Nov-20 15:49:22

@ladymary86 this is exactly like myself 🙈 the nausea is something Iv never experienced makes me want to go to sleep to try and forget about it really kicks in on a night too but also have it mild through the day. Pregnancy really is a funny thing isn't it xx

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Sometimesonly Sun 29-Nov-20 15:52:34

First pregnancy I never had it. Twin pregnancy I had it for about 2 weeks around the 12 week mark. Ironically I suffered a lot with nausea but not while pregnant!

Mommabear20 Sun 29-Nov-20 15:59:03

With DD and now this pregnancy it started within a week of my missed period. Mild sickness with DD but awful nausea, nausea hit hard again this time and got anti sickness tablets from my gp

Nat4392 Sun 29-Nov-20 16:54:40

Started just before 6 weeks and still here now at 14 weeks

Elmo311 Sun 29-Nov-20 19:40:53

Sick all day everyday from 6 weeks with both pregnancies! Awful.
One boy, one girl.


pointythings Sun 29-Nov-20 19:49:41

First pregnancy: didn't realise I was pregnant until 2 weeks past period due, mainly because I'd had a late period/false hope and wasn't doing wishful thinking. My first sign (this would have been 6 weeks in) was mild but constant nausea. That intensified and carried on until nearly 21 weeks - very little vomiting, but nauseous every waking moment.
Second pregnancy: nausea started 10 days before my period was due. Was much more intense, lasted until 22 weeks. It sucked.

But the intensity of nausea/vomiting is directly associated with your risk of miscarriage, as in the sicker you are, the lower your risk of miscarriage.

BucksFizzForBreakfast Sun 29-Nov-20 19:57:20

With my girl - nausea from 6w, threw up a couple of times around 9w, was basically fine by 12w.
With my boy - felt fine til 8w when I felt as though I'd suddenly been hit by a bus. Dreadful nausea, vomiting multiple times a day, had to be signed off work and take anti sickness tablets, diagnosed with HG and it lasted the whole 9 months!

firedragon101 Sun 29-Nov-20 20:08:47

6 weeks and lasted until I had DD very severe and still can't abide certain smells and DD is now 10!
6 weeks to 13 weeks with DS (with the exception of tea; couldn't drink tea or I'd heave and sadly that is still the case)

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