Potential Empty Gestational Sac

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Bobs82 Sun 29-Nov-20 18:15:51

Sorry to hear you are going through this. I’m waiting for my third scan as my past two (the last one when I was 6 weeks 1 day) only showed a sac with no yolk sac. The sac measured 14mm MSD so they think it may be a blighted ovum. I’m so worried. My best scan is Thursday. I really hope I’ll have some good news to share. Will keep everything crossed it works out for you. Keep us posted and take care of yourself.

Oneandabean Sun 29-Nov-20 13:35:11

So sorry you’re going through this. I had an early scan at 8 weeks and there was a very clear foetus with a heartbeat at that point. They should be seeing something at 7 weeks , definitely by 9 weeks. Was it an private scan or nhs? Some of the private scan places aren’t properly trained

Berryxxx Sun 29-Nov-20 13:27:09

Sorry you’re going through this. I had an early scan yesterday should be 7+1 but they could only see the sac, no yolk sac or anything. Was your scan abdominal or internal?

I have to go back in 3 weeks sad
They said I should be around 4 weeks but I got a positive test over 3 weeks ago so seems impossible to me x

ShalomToYouJackie Sun 29-Nov-20 11:46:24

Hi OP,

So sorry you're going through this. In this situation, it sounds like the sac is the size expected when 7 weeks pregnant, meaning that perhaps the sac stopped growing 2 weeks ago. If you were 7 weeks based on LMP
you would expect to see a yolk sac and usually a fetal pole and at 9 weeks from LMP you'd definitely see a feotus.

What size was the sac? Once the sac reaches 16-18mm and is empty, they can diagnose a blighted ovum. Mine was 18mm at 6 weeks and 26mm at 7 weeks.

For some women, the sac continues growing as expected for their gestational age despite being empty. When I had a blighted ovum, the sac was measuring exactly right for my dates and continued to grow over 2 weeks and my HCG was raising as normal but the sac was empty. For other women, the sac will have stopped growing.

Sending you lots of love xx

ivfbeenbusy Sun 29-Nov-20 11:27:56

Hiya unfortunately a sac over a certain size without a Fetal pole in it is more than likely a miscarriage - I think 25mm or over which is about 7 weeks - it really depends on whether you are sure you ovulated on the date you thought. 🤞🤞 you get better news at your next scan x

AlexandraH87 Sun 29-Nov-20 11:22:41

Hi all, first time posting although I have been reading up as much as possible since finding out I was pregnant with my first.

Went for an early ultrasound scan today. LMP 29th Sept which would put me at 9 weeks tomorrow based on LMP alone.

My heart sank when I saw just black on scan... but she said she could see something just not showing well enough and may be too early, but said the sac is 7 weeks 3 days, so I need to come back in 2 weeks to check again.

I have read through threads of empty sacs but when women are mentioning their weeks gone I’m not sure whether they are referring to the “sac age”?? Or weeks gone by LMP.

Is the sac is over 7 weeks and she is struggling to see anything in there is this likely to be what I have seen termed as a missed miscarriage? Or is it truly too early at 9 weeks/ 7 weeks to know for sure?

Thank you smile

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