MRI while pregnant

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Sweetpea12 Fri 27-Nov-20 17:00:37

Has anyone had an MRI while pregnant? I had an ultrasound on my leg today (top of leg towards hip) and fatty tissue was found that will likely need removed. I told the person who did ultrasound that I’m pregnant and they said needs to be followed up by MRI. I thought MRI in pregnancy wasn’t safe has anyone had one while pregnant? They gave me no advice for or against it so a bit anxious

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88bowie Fri 27-Nov-20 17:06:35

I would speak to ur consultant who has referred u for these test. Do they know u r preg and if so do they even plan on removing / having surgery while u r preg ?

HippyChickMama Fri 27-Nov-20 17:10:50

I had an MRI of my head at 39 weeks, I'm pretty sure they gave me a shield over my bump and pelvis because even though they were scanning my head my whole body had to go in the scanner. Their biggest concern was me lying on my back for the duration of the scan so they used a foam wedge to tilt my body to the left.

Sweetpea12 Fri 27-Nov-20 17:19:45

I told them I was pregnant and they didn’t say anything. I’m only 6 weeks pregnant now and not sure when I will hear about the MRI but they said I will have that then speak to a surgeon. I wasn’t even sure I could have surgery while pregnant so I’m really hoping that’s not the case. I was wondering if it’s my leg at the back does my whole body go in I’m not clued in about stuff like that. I don’t think I’ll risk it to be honest confused

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Sweetpea12 Fri 27-Nov-20 17:24:53

@HippyChickMama I had thought they can put a shield over thank you for the reply as that is helpful. When you read things online but not told from a professional it’s a worry

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anotherboyontheway Fri 27-Nov-20 17:53:57

I had one at 8 weeks pregnant due to having appendicitis, they said it doesn't harm baby xx

Sweetpea12 Fri 27-Nov-20 17:57:16

Thank you so much to everyone who replied I really appreciate it xx

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Greybeardy Fri 27-Nov-20 17:59:52

MRI isn't a problem (CT is).

TravelGem Fri 27-Nov-20 23:16:46

I'm sure my friend had MRIs of her abdomen when pregnant with twins as they were high risk

HippyChickMama Fri 27-Nov-20 23:21:08

Ah, I did have a head CT the same night, it could have been that I had the shield for

MsHedgehog Fri 27-Nov-20 23:35:34

I was booked in for an MRI for when I would have been 14 weeks pregnant. I called the hospital and spoke to someone in the radiology team who recommended I cancel and wait until next year. My scan would have been for my liver though, so harder to protect the bump.

QueenOfPain Fri 27-Nov-20 23:38:46

MRI is fine in pregnancy.

CT is not (that’s the one with ionising radiation).

Babyjune21 Fri 27-Nov-20 23:39:48

Had an mri with my son I was about 3
Months along I was told by several doctors it’s about as dangerous for your baby as flying to London from Glasgow (40 min flight) witch the said isn’t very dangerous at all for your unborn child hope all goes well and my boy was fine xxx

TenThousandSpoons0 Sun 29-Nov-20 01:41:17

Yes MRI is generally safe as long as they avoid certain types of contrast. It’s actually used to scan unborn babies for various reasons, and to look at placentas if there are concerns. But - if surgery to your leg is not urgent then it may well all get deferred until after pregnancy anyway.

TiggeryBear Sun 29-Nov-20 02:03:19

I had a head MRI when 26? Weeks pregnant with DC2. Aside from me finding the whole ordeal stressful, it was fine & DC2 is now a happy, healthy 2.5 year old.

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