Twin pregnancy’s- worried

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Izzy06 Thu 26-Nov-20 12:55:48

I’m 6 weeks and 5 days pregnant with twins and I’m still breastfeeding my 13 months old and I still haven’t had any symptoms? It makes me worry as I know people say twin pregnancy’s how worse symptoms but where I havnt experienced any it’s got me thinking the worst 😕

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ivfbeenbusy Thu 26-Nov-20 12:56:43

I'm pregnant with twins (27 weeks now) and haven't had a single symptom the entire time - from What I've heard it's actually pretty normal to have less symptoms with twins than single babies! X

MuchTooTired Thu 26-Nov-20 12:59:27

My symptoms came and went when I was pregnant with my DTs which meant I had quite a few private reassurance scans! I’ve read on MN that a few twin mums didn’t get worse symptoms due to twin pregnancy.

RustyCat Thu 26-Nov-20 16:17:29

Hi I'm currently 15+5 with twins myself. I have basically had little to no symptoms really.

Still feeling absolutely fine, bar going off a few food items but that's it.

I think there's such a stigma for twin pregnancies to make you sick as a dog that as soon as you don't have any or many symptoms it makes you panic and worry, i did at first but my scan was fine and I'm just going to role with it and hope it doesn't bite me in the backside at a later date!

SunnySideUp2020 Thu 26-Nov-20 16:26:41

I think it's like a single baby pregnancy. Some women have it worse some have it ok 😊
I have heard both from twin mums.
I wouldn't worry

Weenie12 Thu 26-Nov-20 17:03:37

17 weeks with twins here and have got off very lightly with symptoms so far. Like you I assumed that more babies would mean more symptoms so hadn’t been expecting to hear there were two at my 12-week scan! Like a lot of things in pregnancy it varies too much from person to person to read anything into it.

RosettaR Thu 26-Nov-20 17:19:30

I think anything goes with regard to symptoms. I'm pregnant with twins and did suffer mildly with nausea and aversions, but not until week 8-9, then it stopped about week 13. So you may still get your turn at throwing up!


Izzy06 Sat 05-Dec-20 11:52:51

Thank you all for your comments, I started getting very nauseous about a week ago and the sickness started but has eased the last couple of days and I’m hoping it stays away now🤣

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