IVF pregnancy bleeding at 10 wk & 12 wks when tried stopping progesterone cold turkey

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Sunshine011020 Wed 25-Nov-20 11:04:14

Hi lovelies,
This is my first post although a little grim. I'd love some happy stories /advices.
I'm 12 wks 3 days pregnant (first time pregnant after 8 years of TTC) post an IVF procedure. The fertility clinic advised me to stay on Cyclogest 400mg twice daily - since after egg collection until week 10. I stopped when I completed 10 weeks and 4 days later started bleeding (no clots but fresh bright red blood). I panicked and went to the A&E, however they did not entertain me b/c apparently unless you're dripping bucket loads of blood by litres they won't attend you. I was sent back home. Luckily I had my first Antenatal appointment the same day and a kind nurse pushed the UGC to scan me. Everything was fine and they noticed an active embryo and HB. The nurse advised me to check with my Fertility Clinic and get back on progesterone until a little longer. The fertility nurse advised me to stay on it for further 2 weeks until 12 wks. They said after 12 wks they have no proof that it is of any use to stay on progesterone. The placenta should take over completely. So I did and stopped again at 12 wk. I started bleeding again a day later, this time with clots. Although I did not panic, I immediately got back on my pessaries and the bleeding slowly turned to spottings and stopped. Now I'm taking half the dose, once dialy and plan to wean off slowly. I also have my 12 wk scan in 2 days so decided to stay on them UNTIL I find out all is well in the scan and get further advice. 🤞 🤞
Anyone else had a similar experience and went on with a smooth preganancy and a healthy baby? Praying for everyone! ❤️

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Puddlelane123 Wed 25-Nov-20 13:10:09

Congratulations on your hard-won pregnancy OP. I can sympathise totally with the anxiety of an IVF pregnancy, especially after such a long time spent ttc.

I had progesterone post-IVF and I stayed on it until 19 weeks (having miscarried previously). I did the normal dosage for the first 14 weeks and then weaned it slowly over the following few weeks. I was afraid to stop it abruptly even though every clinician I spoke to felt that there would be no issue in doing so.

Given the bleeding you have experienced on both attempts at stopping I would continue and ask for your prescription to be extended.

Best of luck and congratulations again.

Sunshine011020 Sat 28-Nov-20 12:49:38

Thank you Puddlelane123 for your kind words and advice. Really very helpful. I had my Nuchal scan yesterday and everything came back normal. We could see tiny limbs and tummy and other checks looked good. The baby kept flipping and moving, probably cz I'd had some sweet treat just before the scan. I was so relieved. Although shortlived - when I returned home, I again started bleeding. It was surprising cz I'm still on half the dose now. I immediately took the progesterone shot and it stopped. I'm totally taking your suggestion on board and getting my prescription extended for a further period. My only concern is whether I'd ever be able to stop taking them. I'm also on aspirin as I have high BP. So although everything is normal I'm still stressing about what could go wrong. Just want to be able to enjoy the pregnancy without worrying about anything - it's a tough one. Thanks again for your suggestion and hope whatever stage you're in it's blissful!

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