Experiences with pregnancy after IUGR

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Nosleepclub14 Tue 24-Nov-20 20:24:32

Hi everyone,

I am currently 32 weeks pregnant with my second baby. With my first DD I measured small towards the end of pregnancy and ended up being induced at 37 weeks exactly due to IUGR.

At the moment my bump is measuring average but it was with DD at this stage too, so whilst this is good news I’m not taking it that baby will be average sized.

I wondered if anyone had any experiences they could share if you’ve had IUGR or a small baby then had another pregnancy?
I’ve not had the normal level of growth scans due to covid and my midwife hasn’t offered much advice/help!

Thank you flowers

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Doublebubblebubble Tue 24-Nov-20 20:43:23

So 8 years ago I became pregnant with identical twin boys. My baby A had IUGR and was a lot smaller both because of that and because they both ended up getting TTTS. A was donor and B was recipient. I had to have laser ablation surgery but they were stillborn in the end. I am still heartbroken for them and miss them everyday. That being said my 5 year old boy wouldn't be here now. He was 10lb 1 at delivery and was 98th centile for height and weight at the time. He is still a big boy even now. To be honest, i dont know too much about how common IUGR is because I only heard about it during my pregnancy with my twins. That being said my youngest is proof positive that it wont and shouldnt affect every pregnancy going forward. Good luck and congrats!

Nosleepclub14 Wed 25-Nov-20 20:01:11

I’m sorry about the loss of your twin boys.flowers
Thank you so much for your reply, Im glad you went on to have a happy healthy little boy.

Had another measure today and bump has fallen from average so looks like I might be having another small one.

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Bellbell1199 Wed 25-Nov-20 22:48:58

Hey, I had slight issues with first pregnancy with static growth.
Scsn at 39 weeks showed no growth since 37 weeks, so iwnas induced. He was 6lb14oz, so not severe but still.
He was 10th percentile when born.
I've been having growth scans this time every 4 weeks.
Around 33 weeks, (reduced movements scan) she was 5lb ish , and 40th percentile so growing well so far!
Fingers crossed.
Are you under a consultant and having extra scans?

Another scan monday at 35+2.

Corilee2806 Thu 26-Nov-20 00:06:36

I have a very similar story to you! My first baby was picked up as being IUGR at 32 weeks after I had a scan due to reduced movements - I was induced at 37 weeks and she was healthy but a tiny 5lb. Now I’m 28 weeks pregnant with my second, and in a waiting game - my hospital won’t start growth scans until 32 weeks! So far all seems good and I’ve had pretty good care, are you consultant led? You should be - the midwives can provide reassurance and look after your wellbeing but you need to be kept a close eye on.

Thinking of you, it can be an anxious time waiting to see what will happen! I’m just desperate to get to 32 weeks and get an idea of how this baby is growing!

Nosleepclub14 Thu 26-Nov-20 09:24:42

Thank you both for your replies, and congratulations to you both on your pregnancies!

@Bellbell1199 glad to hear baby is a good weight! And hope scan goes well, sounds like you are being well taken care of.

@Corilee2806 very similar! My little one was 5lb 15 when I was induced at 37 weeks. Glad you’ve got good care this time around and they are keeping an eye on you. It is a very anxious time.

Apparently I am consultant led but I have yet to see or hear from a consultant. I have an appointment for a scan next Wednesday so I will be 33+2 but I only have that booked because my placenta is very slightly too low so they want to check that.
My actual consultant appointment with a growth scan isn’t until 16/12 so 35+2 - apparently this is all they are doing due to covid.

I had a measure with my midwife yesterday and bump has gone from 50th centile to 40th, she said not a huge drop but a good thing I have the scan next week anyway. Luckily baby is moving a lot and his heartbeat is strong. So hopefully another healthy but small baby.

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Corilee2806 Thu 26-Nov-20 19:36:33

@Nosleepclub14 that does seem a bit rubbish that they’ve used the excuse of Covid for less or later consultant appointments, when did your baby get picked up as IUGR in your first pregnancy? I wonder if you could push for earlier although it’s good you’re being seen for your placenta - will they look at growth then too? I had my first appointment at 16 weeks, even though they won’t start scans till 32, just to discuss previous pregnancy, plan etc.

I’m sure all will be healthy and fine even if baby is on the smaller side - that’s what I keep reminding myself of. And good you’re feeling strong movements, that’s the main thing to look out for and keep an eye on!


Maidmummy Thu 26-Nov-20 19:51:45

I have some experience with this, I'm currently on my 4th SGA pregnancy, DD1 wasn't picked up until 36 weeks all went well and she was born at 41+3 on 8th centile, DS1 was fortnightly growth scans from 28 weeks and he made it to 41+4 born on the 3rd centile and DS2 was born at exactly 38 weeks as he stopped growing so I was induced and he was on the 1st centile.

Currently 34+2 with DS3 and I was having growth scans every 3 weeks from 28 weeks but a scan 2 days ago revealed he's my smallest yet, he's slightly dropped off with his weight, he's breech (only been head down once in my entire pregnancy) and he has an increase of amniotic fluid around him so I'm now in for a scan next week then the week after and the consultant will put a plan in place regarding his delivery after my last scan at 36 weeks.

My advice is if you feel like you aren't getting the care and support you and baby need then fetch it up with your midwife, do you have a midwifery hub in your area if so then I would go straight to them and voice your concerns especially as you have already had one IUGR baby. Covid should not be an excuse for sub standard care, I live in an area where covid is very rampant (we are going in to tier 3 next week) yet seeing a midwife or consultant face to face has never been an issue x

Ilovesugar Thu 26-Nov-20 21:45:02

I have a good news story!

First had IUGR and induced at 37weeks very similar to OP, kept a better eye on me with second and no growth issues what so ever. A full 2lb heavier and was slightly over due.

Strangest part, once I knew the second didn’t have IUGR it was a oh crap moment of I don’t know what normal labour is like 😂

Nosleepclub14 Fri 27-Nov-20 09:38:47

Thank you for the replies!

@Corilee2806 My first pregnancy they picked up IUGR around 34/35 weeks, I had two growth scans and was induced the day after the second one! She ended up being 8oz heavier than they thought from the scan which was good.

I’ve been told they will be checking growth and blood flow at the placenta scan so glad about that!

@Maidmummy congratulations on baby, hope everything goes well with your next scans and a healthy baby. Thank you for the advice, I don’t know if I have a midwife hub. Definitely something I’ll check though. Feel like this time I’ve been left to it a bit really. They told me this is how it’s being done everywhere but clearly it’s not! confused

@Ilovesugar thank you so much for your reply! Haha I had the same thought about if I don’t get included this time!

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Corilee2806 Fri 27-Nov-20 16:22:48

That’s good - even though it’s not ideal that they’ve not made a specific appointment sooner for the IUGR, the earlier one for your placenta will check for lots of the same things so you can hopefully get some reassurance then!

I’m expecting to either be in the same position as you post 32 weeks and kind of preparing myself for that, which is fine as I know what to expect - or I could find out that this one is growing well and like you’ve both said, deal with the prospect of naturally going into labour which feels a bit crazy after having a highly planned induction! Would much prefer that though as it was all a bit scary last time. Can report that I now have a very lively and healthy (still petite) DD who has just turned 2 - all seems like a very long time ago now!

Nosleepclub14 Wed 02-Dec-20 09:47:32

I had my scan this morning and baby is average for everything! Weighs around 4lb 13 at 33 weeks so really happy and my placenta has moved up enough too!
Still booked in two weeks to make sure he’s still growing but a really positive scan!

@Corilee2806 exactly the same as me. My daughter will be 2 in January and has more energy than anyone I’ve ever met! Hope everything goes well for your scans and measures etc x

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Corilee2806 Wed 02-Dec-20 14:33:38

@Nosleepclub14 I’m so pleased to hear this! What a lovely positive update! Good that they’ll keep an eye on you but it sounds like baby is a really good weight and great news about the placenta too. Now keeping crossed for my scan at the end of December!

My daughter is also a relentless bundle of energy - something about these small babies!

Nosleepclub14 Fri 04-Dec-20 21:29:24

@Corilee2806Thank you! Feeling relieved for the moment just hope he keeps the growth up!

Fingers crossed for your scan. Update if you remember, would love to know how you got on x

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Corilee2806 Wed 09-Dec-20 13:45:58

I will, and keep me posted too! Will keep everything crossed for you that things continue positively! x

Nosleepclub14 Thu 31-Dec-20 21:35:07

@Corilee2806 hope you had a lovely Christmas! How was your scan/measure? I hope all is going well!

Had my consultant on the 16th which was a waste of time, baby’s weight dropped from 50th to 30th centile but they consultant wasn’t bothered. He kept saying my daughter didn’t have IUGR and wouldnt listen to me when I said I was induced due to stopped growth! Luckily my midwife was more help and has requested for another growth scan so should have that next week hopefully!

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Corilee2806 Thu 31-Dec-20 22:54:17

Hi @Nosleepclub14! How are you doing? How far along are you now? Thank you for thinking of me, had the scan yesterday and as I thought (my bump has hardly changed in the last few weeks) I have another small baby! Looking around 7th centile for now so will probably be induced at 37 weeks like last time - I have another scan in a few weeks so will see how it’s all going. I’m kind of not surprised but also can’t believe we’re here... also not happy with the hospital so looking at trying to move.

Sorry to hear your consultant wasn’t helpful at your last appointment but glad you’ve got another appointment next week to see how growth is going - hopefully it won’t have, but if growth has dropped they should take it more seriously. Are you under the same hospital as your first baby?

bonzo77 Thu 31-Dec-20 23:09:46

I’ve had 3 IUGR pregnancies. Too tired to post details now but will later. TLDR version: careful monitoring, babies all fine but early and small. And all caught up to normal by 12 weeks old. Aged 10,8 and 5 now and quite normal.

UnalliterativeGeorge Thu 31-Dec-20 23:14:36

My first was IUGR but not picked up till I was in labour - 5lb 6oz. Second they did lots of growth scans and still not huge but also breech and was 6lb 6oz.
Now they're 4 and 5, healthy and ridiculously tall for their age and you'd never knew they were both so small

Nosleepclub14 Thu 31-Dec-20 23:17:36

@Corilee2806 we are doing well thank you, other than pelvic pain and painful braxton hicks! How about you? Now reached 37+3 so officially the most pregnant I’ve ever been! How many weeks are you now?

Sorry to hear baby’s growth wasn’t slightly higher, but all healthy and strong movements/heartbeat?
Fingers crossed for some good growth for the next scan x
Do you have another local hospital you can transfer to instead?

Hopefully baby has grown a bit between my two scans. The bump dropped slightly but I’m sure the consultant measured much higher up than my midwife does so that will make a difference and I’m sure baby has dropped a bit too. So keeping my fingers crossed. Yes same hospital although all scans and appointments are done at a different local one to the one I’ll actually give birth at.

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Corilee2806 Fri 01-Jan-21 08:39:53

@Nosleepclub14 oh wow, that must feel like a milestone! Crazy to think baby could just decide to come from any time now! I’m 32+3.

Yes luckily everything is looking normal with the blood flow and fluid levels so that’s quite reassuring. Movements seem ok, trying my best to keep an eye on them and look out for any changes! Yes where I am there’s a few and part of it is because my hospital allows no partners for induction (my last one took 5 days!) til active labour but the other one I can go to does - I’m in an area that’s bad for COVID though so could all change, it’s just another stress!

Fingers crossed for the next scan, and whatever happens now baby is at a good gestation and weight so it will all be fine - it’s just trusting those doctors to make the right call about when is the right time to get them out! Do you know what you’re having?

Leodot Fri 01-Jan-21 09:51:31


May I join your thread please?

I had a 28 week midwife appointment to start anti d yesterday and they measured my bump as well and said that I was in the 10th percentile. The midwife listened to her heartbeat and said it was fine though and I feel regular movements. I’ve also got a very low placenta so just generally feeling a bit nervous! I’ve got a scan at 32 weeks to check everything and they said they will be discussing as to whether I need a c section or not. It’s nice to read about other people’s experiences as this is my first pregnancy and things feel a bit scary sometimes.

Hope everyone is feeling well today! ❤️

Nosleepclub14 Fri 01-Jan-21 13:51:33

@bonzo77 & @UnalliterativeGeorge
Thank you so much for your replies! So reassuring to hear good storiessmile

@Corilee2806 it does feel like a huge milestone and really strange that baby is ready and could come at any minute. Makes me feel a bit anxious really!
Ah that’s really good to hear, and yes keep a close eye on movements I’ve been advised the same. My hospital is the same with induction but it appears so are all the others around here 😕 ah Covid has added a lot more stress this time around!
Yeah it’s definitely worrying putting it all into their hands. I do I’m having a boy! Was convinced it was going to be a girl all the same symptoms etc. What about you?

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Nosleepclub14 Fri 01-Jan-21 13:57:52

Hello! Congratulations on your pregnancy. Sorry to hear your feeling nervous, I felt exactly the same when they said my daughter was small and again this whole pregnancy waiting to find out if this one was small too.
It’s really good news the heartbeat and movements are strong. And sounds like they have a plan to keep you monitored too.
There’s still plenty of time for baby to grow lots and placenta to move too.
My daughter was born in the 9th centile and is now nearly 2 and tracks around 60th for weight and is perfectly healthy!

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bonzo77 Fri 01-Jan-21 14:38:10

So, here’s the long version. In my first pregnancy, slow growth and poor placental function was found at 25 weeks as I was measured rather small. Was prepared for delivery at 28 weeks but growth was ok and following a curve. Regular monitoring and episodes of reduced movement meant DS1 was born by CS at 39+1 weighing 5lb 11 (2nd percentile). No particular issues and caught up to 50th percentile by 12 weeks.

DS2 I was monitored more closely, and he was born at 35+5, again after many episodes of reduced movement and evidence of a failing placenta. 5lb 3 (50th percentile for dates). 4 days In nicu and then 4 in scbu as he had respiratory distress following CS and concerns about necrotising enterocolitis (all ok though). Slightly delayed development with regards to physical milestones, but only just beyond the latest expected dates (crawled at 15 months, walked at 21 months).

DS3 same story really but held out til 37+5. Was 5lb 14 at birth (2nd percentile) and actually at age 5 is 75th percentile for height, a bit less for weight.

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