TTC on anti depressants

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Sef89 Tue 24-Nov-20 13:46:15

Anyone conceived on anti depressants? Just worried they will affect fertility, also on day 13 of Setraline not feeling any better yet do they help with bad anxiety and low mood

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Superscientist Tue 24-Nov-20 13:53:36

I conceived on medication for my mental illness. It shouldn't affect fertility or increased risk of miscarriage beyond baseline levels.
It generally takes about 2 weeks to start seeing changes and 4-6 weeks for a noticeable improvement with antidepressants.
Good luck and I hope the meds start helping soon

Bluejayway91 Tue 24-Nov-20 15:00:30

I've been on Fluoxetine for years and this year conceived after not using protection once. I'm now 36+4.

Mellous Tue 24-Nov-20 16:06:23

I conceived taking sertraline.

JLM1008 Wed 25-Nov-20 09:34:45

I conceived taking mirtazapine. I’ve been on them for 3 years. We conceived on the 2nd month of trying. It shouldn’t effect your fertility x

Sef89 Fri 27-Nov-20 14:02:56

Thanks I think im on day 16 still not seeing any improvement, i really hope they help soon

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Lozz22 Fri 27-Nov-20 14:17:25

I conceived whilst taking sertraline. I did come off it as soon as I found out I was Pregnant. Due to previous losses I didn't want anything medication wise inside me other than prenatal vitamins and my metformin. Unfortunately we also lost that Baby as well but that was down to chromosomal issues


JemNo66 Sat 28-Nov-20 10:03:37

I've also been on fluoxetine for years and conceived both my babies (currently pregnant with no.2) very quickly whilst taking it. Keep up with the medication, hopefully you'll start to feel the benefits soon xx

Sef89 Sun 29-Nov-20 08:57:45

Thanks, congratulations.
I'm assuming that because you take them you suffer with anxiety and depression? I'm only asking as that is what I'm suffering from, and still wanting these tablets to help and just wondered as did that also mean you conceived whilst having anxiety or do the tablets take that away for you.... I'm just worried that anxiety will stop ot happening xx

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Superscientist Sun 29-Nov-20 10:40:53

Remember women can conceive during famine, war and other disasters. Anxiety can contribute towards issues but only in the very extreme of circumstances like you life is in imminent danger. Try not to fret too much.

I don't remember where I read it or if it is true but when I was trying to conceive I read that on average 10% of women not taking precautions will fall pregnant each month and that the odds of getting pregnant within 6 cycles are good. It takes a little bit of time.

I came off a progesterone only pill to conceive and my gp advised that it might take 3 months for my cycles to return to their normal pattern. I stopped the pill in Aug and got my positive test in Dec.

GeorginaTheGiant Sun 29-Nov-20 10:42:14

I mean this kindly OP but you should look after yourself before trying to conceive anyway. Get your health back on track and make sure you’re on a good balance of medication for your needs before you try and deal with pregnancy and a baby. Wishing you all the best.

Sef89 Sun 29-Nov-20 13:26:40

Thanks. I've become anxious and depressed since a loss on May, so getting pregnant again has somehow become a worry, i guess because i have a 3 year old and didn't experience a loss then to
Have one this time was unexpected despite the fact its common, which i do understand, but it has hit me hard and all confidence has gone with ttc etc, and all the anxiety has lead to low mood etc, but once i get pregnant again i will of course be very anxious, but I'm worried it wont happen now, with now being depressed and on medication too

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Pet8 Sun 29-Nov-20 13:45:00

I swapped to fluoxetine for 2 of my pregnancies after discussions with my psychiatrist. It was thought it was the safer option. That was almost 20 years ago. The newer AD's are probably safer than the old style I was taking though.

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